My Week at Sunshine Valley

Chapter 1

“Mom, did you see that sign?” asked my (recently turned) eighteen-year-old son Pete as he laughed.

“No, I guess I missed it. What did it say?” I was too weary to bother looking at roadside signage anymore.

We had been stuck in this airport shuttle for almost two hours and were now its last two passengers. It figured that our stop would be the furthest away, and hence the last stop on the shuttle’s schedule. I would have rented a car, but it would have just sat for a week in a parking lot. Besides, we both had agreed that there wouldn’t be any reason to leave the resort once we were there. We both wanted a week of pure relaxation.

For Pete, it was to celebrate graduating high school with honors as well as just turning eighteen the previous week. My BFF Stacy and her husband had said that the best week they’d ever had in their life was the week they spent at Sunshine Valley, in warm, beautiful Northern California. For years she insisted that I needed to take that special man in my life there and spend a simply unforgettable week.

I didn’t pay her much heed because I hadn’t had a stable relationship since Peter’s father died some eight years ago now. I told Stacy that one of these days I would take Pete, but she would always laugh and say that it was an adults-only resort and they wouldn’t allow kids. She also said to be sure to pack light when I did go, but she would only chuckle when I asked for more details.

“Well, it didn’t say anything. It was sort of like an animal crossing sign, but instead of a deer or something, it was an outline of a naked man and woman crossing the street.” Pete smirked.

“That’s odd! Should we beware of naked people?” I asked Pete but I could hear the shuttle driver snicker.

“Hey, I heard that snickering up there,” I yelled jovially up to our driver, who was a bearded man in his fifties, his beard speckled with gray.

He called back after a quick glance at us in his rearview mirror, “Don’t mind me! We’re on the resort property right now even. That building up ahead,” he pointed to a wide, flat building that you could barely make out through the trees and the setting sunlight, “that’s your stop!”

“Finally,” Pete said, starting to stretch and arch his back as best he could under the seatbelt and shoulder strap.

“Tell me about it! My butt’s practically falling asleep!” I rubbed my leg in the hopes of restoring a little bit of lost circulation from our cramped quarters in the back row of the shuttle bus.

Our driver pulled up under the front entrance canopy of the resort and helped us with our luggage. I had already paid for the shuttle service online, but I slipped him a twenty as a tip, which he was very grateful for. It was just after eight o’clock at night by then as Pete and I wheeled our luggage into the lobby.

I was surprised that there weren’t any bellhops or greeters at the door, and the lobby was empty save for a young woman at the counter. She looked as if she had just taken a shower or gotten out of the pool because all she was wearing was a white linen bathrobe. I guessed that they had a very lax dress code here, which was perfectly fine by me.

I’d spent months and months straight without a vacation, cooped up in boring business meetings while wearing uncomfortable pantsuits and what not. I had long decided to only bring comfortable lounging attire and jeans on this trip. I did bring a nice dress just in case there was to be a formal dinner night or something and I had instructed Pete to make sure and pack a nice pair of pants and a dress shirt and tie just in case.

The robed girl, well young woman really, but then any female that was younger than I was I thought of as a girl anyway, welcomed us to the Sunshine Valley Resort; she introduced herself as Pam, and asked for our last names.

“Robertson,” said Pete faster than I could.

“Ah,” she said, “here you are. Oh, it looks like you signed up for the full week package–that’s a great deal, I might add.”

“Yeah, I even took the risk and paid for the $500 non-refundable deposit to get the best rate,” I boasted, proud of my frugality.

“Excellent choice, ma’am!”

Ma’am, eh? Well, I guess if I could think of her as a girl, she had every right to think of me as a ma’am. All of my friends tried to convince me that I looked a lot younger than forty, but I was always skeptical.

“I just need both of your ID’s, the credit card you have the reservation under, and you both need to sign and print your names on these forms acknowledging resort rules and procedures,” she said as she slid two pieces of paper in each of our directions.

The papers that she had were covered in really small text and I gave up after reading halfway into the first paragraph. Yadda yadda, I won’t pee in the pool, disturb other guests, whatever it said, I wasn't going to bother my tired eyes at reading so I just signed, dated, and printed my name as the girl ran our information. Pete was actively trying to read it but he looked really confused.

“Oh go ahead Pete, sign your soul away,” I kidded.

“I’m to the part where if you violate or molest another resort member without their permission, you can be held criminally liable,” said Pete as he skipped down and signed as well.

“So it’s a lot of mumbo jumbo that could be summed up as, ‘Do anything against the law, and we’ll call the cops.’”

Pam smiled and said, “Oh, we’ve found that we’ve needed to be as specific as possible when it comes to the visitor contracts. There are some people that try to take a good thing way too far.” She then handed back my ID and my credit card. She had me stand still so that she could take my picture and then had me run a thumbprint, which I started to balk at.

“A thumbprint, really,” I asked incredulously, “isn’t that just a little overboard?”

Pam was still as sweet as could be and replied, “We don’t have room keys. Everything is tied into your thumbprint. Besides, where would you put your keys anyway?” She then laughed as if what she just said was supposed to be funny.  

I just smirked and shook my head and said, “Thumb print room keys, eh? You guys must be on the cutting edge of resort technology!”

“We try to keep up with the latest trends when we can. Management figured that the thumb print ID card system would be a valuable asset,” said Pam, sweeter than a bowl of Frosted Crunchies.

I scanned my right thumb in and she had me use another separate thumbprint scanner to cross verify and it read it just fine. She offered that I could scan my left thumb as well as a backup, and I did that too without error. Then it was Pete’s turn.

“Wow! Your ID says that you just turned 18. Is this your first time at an all-adult resort like this?” Pam was looking at Pete’s ID and then back to him with a peculiar grin on her face. He was looking a little nervous, possibly because Pam wasn’t half-bad looking and was maybe only six or seven years older than he was.

If I didn’t know better, I would have guessed that she was naked under her robe. Talk about casual work wear! You could certainly see a lot of skin beneath that robe and my Petey was acting a little on the shy side and nodded sheepishly. My poor Pete hadn’t had a steady girlfriend since his junior year and he had lost his confidence around the ladies.

My heart was about to go out to him when Pam looked at me, acting very impressed, “I’d hold onto him tight if I were you, Mrs. Robertson. You are going to have a lot of the other ladies jealous of this handsome young husband of yours.”

“Son,” Pete quickly corrected.

“Oh, you’re so naughty, I love it! You two are going to fit in wonderfully here,” she said as she scanned in Pete’s thumbprints and took his headshot.

Pete looked back at me with an expression of, “What was that supposed to mean?”

I just smirked and shrugged. Pam was a sweet girl, but she certainly was a little on the kooky side.

“Alright! Your suite is on the first floor,” Pam said as she slid two cloth bags towards us emblazoned with the resort logo, “your room number is 45H. If for some reason you forget what your room number is or if you need to check up on any events scheduled, just run your thumb on any terminal like this one. They are spread all throughout the complex. The HDTV in your room also functions as an interactive display as well. As you are aware, there is no luggage or clothing of any kind permitted in the resort areas.”

What did she just say?

“Anything that you need to have in your room with you such as medicine, reading material, eyewear, etc. please place those items into these bags. Cell phones and cameras are prohibited past the locker room area. The locker rooms,” she said as she pointed to the two doors to the sides that I had simply taken to be elaborate lobby restrooms, “will have corresponding lockers with your room number on them, which again is 45H. That’s where you can store any of your luggage and other resort-restricted items.”

I stopped her spiel by saying, “Wait, are you saying that we can’t have our luggage in our rooms?”

“I’m afraid not, ma’am, but don’t worry, the locker rooms are separated by gender and they always have someone on duty 24 hours a day.”

“The safety of my luggage is the least of my concern,” I said, starting to get more than a little annoyed. “Why in the world do you not let people take their luggage to their rooms?”

Pam was the one to look confused now. “It was all explained in the document you signed as well as the online sign-up form you’re on record for agreeing to. It’s part of the all-immersive adult experience.”

“Pam, I know you live and breathe the Sunshine Valley Resort policy on a daily basis, but please break it down for a woman who has been up since five AM this morning–and that’s central time mind you–I’m just not understanding this and I’m really trying hard not to get irritated about it.”

Pam looked concerned and furrowed her brow. I looked over to see what Pete was doing and he was fiddling with one of the display terminals at the end of the counter, evidently reading something.

Pam took a breath and was about to say something when Pete started cackling with laughter, which made us both look over towards him. He kept looking at the screen and then he doubled over laughing again; when he saw that I was looking over at him, he quickly motioned for me to come over and look at what he was reading.

I sighed heavily and gave him an I-don’t-have-time-for-this look, which he responded with, “No seriously, mom, you have to see this. It explains everything in one sentence.”

He was still holding his stomach as he continued to chuckle and gesture towards the monitor. This damn well better be good then! I marched over to where he was and looked at the part of the screen that he was pointing at.

It read, “Welcome to the Sunshine Valley Nature Resort, the world’s premiere all-adult nudist resort experience—no clothes allowed!”

Holy shit! What did I just sign us up for?

Pete had barely been able to catch his breath when he said, “Did you really not know that this was a nudist resort when you signed up for it?”

The flood of reality swept over me right then as all of the seemingly obvious clues that I had been almost intentionally ignoring clicked into place. Suddenly, everything just made a lot more sense. I was so embarrassed!

I looked over to Pam, and the dear thing had a look on her face as if she had just walked in on her parents having sex and didn’t understand what she was seeing.

“Pam,” I said, dejectedly.

“Yes, ma’am?”

“This is a nudist resort, isn’t it?”

“Yes, ma’am, and one of the highest rated ones in the world!”

“That’s great and all. Have you ever had anyone come to stay and gotten this far before they realized that this was a nudist resort?”

“Not that I can recall, ma’am.”

“I just signed away to a non-refundable week’s package, didn’t I?”

“Yes ma’am, as part of the bargain program, you’re also paying half of the standard rate because you agreed to a non-transferrable package too and it shows that you opted out of the emergency late cancellation insurance option.”

“Well, shit.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am?” Poor Pam looked like a possum caught in the headlights of an oncoming semi.

“Well Petey, that just goes to show that you always need to read the fine print on everything before you sign your life away.”

“You seriously didn’t know what kind of resort this was when you signed up online?” Pete looked at me with a shit-eating grin on his face.

I shook my head and said, “I saw all-inclusive, all-immersive, all food and resort activities are covered as part of the plan…”

Pete interjected, “Were there no pictures of naked people on the website? That would have been a dead giveaway for me.”

“Well, there was a gallery that I don’t think I visited. I only looked at the pictures of the rooms and the buffets and that was good enough for me. I do remember clicking through a lot of ‘Do you understand this and that” and just clicked past them. I’m guessing there were probably some critical details I skipped over.”

“You think?” Pete said, still with a chuckle in his voice.

Pam just smiled supportively and nodded.

“Well, I’m starving,” Pete said, “the last thing I ate was some peanuts on the plane and that was hours ago now.”

“The dinner buffet is open until ten o’clock,” offered Pam.

“Can we at least wear clothes in the dining room?” I asked.

“I’m afraid not, ma’am.”

“Wow.” I was floored and my mind was reeling. How long would it take to get a taxi out of there? Where was the nearest motel? Where was the nearest restaurant? The thought of having to go anywhere else started to bring tears to my eyes.

“Alright then,” said Pete boldly, “so where is the dining room?”

Pam smiled and said, “Once you check your luggage and everything into the locker rooms, just take an immediate left past the showers exit and the dining room is at the end of the west corridor hall. You can’t miss it. There’s even a sign that points the way right as you exit the locker rooms on the resort side.”

“Well,” said Pete, “should I meet you in the dining room then?”

I didn’t know what to think anymore. Was this really happening?

“Uh,” I was at a rare loss for words.

Pam quickly offered, “Both of the locker rooms exit into the same corridor. You could meet in the hall on the other side and walk to the dining room together.”

I looked nervously at Pete and asked, “Do you really want to go through with this? We can call a cab and stay at a place where everyone wears clothes.”

Pete shrugged and smiled, “I actually do kind of want to stay here. Besides, you’ve already paid for everything, which we can’t get back. I’m okay with being naked if you are.”

Pam looked around and then leaned forward and whispered to us in a loud secretive tone, “If you take a shower in the locker room, the attendant will let you leave on the resort side with a bath towel!”

Finally a lifeline! Thank you, Pam!

“Ah, a towel! I can do that,” I said, sighing with relief.

Chapter 2

Pete and I agreed to meet in the hallway leading to the dining room after ten minutes, which should have given us each enough time to find our lockers, store away our clothes and luggage, and take a quick shower, earning us each a much-desired safety towel.

I rolled my large, bulky, and evidently completely unnecessary suitcase into the locker room to find my corresponding locker number, which was very easy because everything was laid out in numerical order. I was worried that the locker wouldn’t be big enough to hold my bulky bag, but it fit in with room to spare for another one the same size.

Completely understanding the whole reason behind the thumbprint IDs, I figured that I may as well just stash everything in the locker: my purse, my shoes, my outfit, and even the necklace I was wearing. All I kept on were my stud earrings and my wedding ring, which I still didn’t have the heart to stop wearing. Besides, I didn’t want anyone, especially at a nudist resort, to think that I was available.

There were three other women in the locker room; two were on their cell phones talking to someone and one was in the wide array of showers, singing quietly. All three were, as to be expected, completely naked and oblivious to the rest of the world. Luckily, I was quite used to the gym back at home and used the lockers and showers there all the time, but it was certainly the largest, most elaborate locker room I’d ever seen. You could have easily fit 100 people into this place at one time without bumping into each other.

I definitely had to use the toilet, but I was surprised for a moment to see that there weren’t any doors on any of the stalls. It figured. There also weren’t any toilet seat covers and instead of toilet paper, they had these fancy sanitary wipes which made me think of baby wipes.

Usually at a public restroom that didn’t have any toilet seat covers, I’d meticulously lay down a spiral of toilet paper sheets to protect my butt from whatever horrors the seat may contain, but this place was simply immaculate. Also, since I would be showering right after using the toilet, I simply did my business and tried the wipes.

I must say, those wipes felt wonderful! Move over toilet paper! Note to self—try to find some of those wipes back home.

I entered into the open shower vestibule which was festooned with pretty blue tiles along the walls and sloping floor. The solitary woman in the shower zone was still singing softly and seemed to be greatly enjoying the act of shampooing her hair. She was dead center in the line of shower heads and had three of them on and pointed in such a way that she was covered on three sides at all times by a strong spray of hot water.

I couldn’t help but notice that her body was very fit and tanned all over. She looked to be roughly my age, maybe just a few years younger. My tits were bigger than hers, but otherwise, she looked to be a fine specimen of the human race.

She was completely shaved too, whereas I still had a trimmed yet mostly full bush. I chose a shower head a few spots down from her and turned on the water, waiting to make sure that it was hot before stepping into it.

The other woman stopped singing and called over to me. “You just get in?” She continued to rinse the shampoo out of her long brown hair. I had long sandy blonde hair that I usually wore up in a clip.

“Yeah,” I called back to the woman over the sound of the water spray, “it took forever getting here. You just get in too?”

“Nah. My husband and I have been here since Saturday. I just love the showers in here.”

The water was instantly hot so I stepped into the stream and immediately realized that this was exactly what I needed.

My chatty neighbor yelled over to me, “You should try a three way!”

What the fuck did she just say? Was everyone going to be so forward here?

“Uh, excuse me?” I tried my best to not sound offended, considering it was my first time in a place like that; such talk might have been the norm.

She laughed and pointed to the shower heads. “Turn the two nozzles on to the sides of you and point them in your direction. It’s to die for!”

“Oh,” I laughed at the misunderstanding, “I thought you meant something else.”

She laughed again and said, “Don’t mind me. I make jokes like that all the time. The name’s Ruth by the way.”

“Rhonda,” I replied.

I took her advice and turned on the two nozzles on either side of me and basked in the amazing feel of hot water hitting me from every side.


Ruth was right–it felt amazing!

“Oh Ruth, you’re my new best friend now,” I purred and let the water wash over me for a moment before I squeezed a dollop of body soap into my hand from the nearest soap dispenser built into the shower wall.

She laughed again and said, “You know, I actually had a best friend growing up named Rhonda. She hated her name because everyone kept singing that Beach Boys song to her—I’m sure you know the one I’m talking about.”

I nodded and chuckled to myself, “Help Me Rhonda, right? You want to know something?”

“Sure! What?”

“My parents were huge Beach Boys fans and they literally named me after the song, so I can’t get mad at people for making the connection.”

“That’s awesome. I always got the double whammy with my name.”

“How’s that?”

“Well, I was always called ‘Baby Ruth’ like the candy bar, as in ‘Stop being such a Baby, Ruth, hyuk-hyuk!’ or ‘Hey, you’re such a Babe, Ruth!’ It got old really fast.”

“I think Ruth’s a great name. You look like a Ruth to me,” I offered in a gesture of camaraderie as I began my final rinse off.

I couldn’t recall ever being so chatty with someone I’d never met before while we were both naked in a shower together. At the gym I went to, everyone was usually dead quiet and no one said much of anything to anyone else unless they were already friends to begin with.

“My husband and I are here until Saturday. We should definitely hang out,” Ruth said as she rinsed the last bit of shampoo out of her hair.

“Yeah, I think I’d like that,” I said as I started to turn off the shower nozzles, mere moments before Ruth began turning off hers.

“We’re on the east side, first floor,” said Ruth, not nearly as loud since there weren’t as many water sprays to be heard over.

“Room 92L,” she continued, “It’s under Richmond.”

“Ruth Richmond?” I asked, smiling.

She nodded with a goofy grin on her face.

“You know what? I’m an R-R as well—Rhonda Robertson,” I said as I grinned back.

“Sisters!” She squealed and without warning, trotted up to me and gave me a big hug, her wet, naked boobs pressing up against mine.

Well now! That was a first!

“Oh, sorry,” she said, realizing that I had frozen up at her forwardness, “I’m a hugger by nature.”

“Oh, that’s quite alright,” I stammered and half-heartedly returned the hug.

I wasn't willing to admit it to myself, but I was getting just slightly turned on by hugging this wet and, well, sexy naked woman. What was I thinking, anyway? I shook my head to collect my thoughts as Ruth was nice enough to hand me a towel from the bin.

“Thanks,” I said and if I didn’t know myself better, I could have guessed that I was blushing.

Chapter 3

I quickly dried off and wrapped the towel around me then followed Ruth out the exit and past the attendant station. The bored naked girl who was the attendant briefly looked us over to make sure that we weren’t sneaking in any contraband before going back to whatever she was doing on her computer monitor.

Pete was sitting out in the hall on a bench looking nervous. His hair was still wet and he had a towel wrapped tightly around his waist. Ruth was still next to me, drying her hair and I could tell that Pete was doing everything he could not to overtly stare at her.

“Been waiting long?” I asked casually.

I couldn’t help but grin, knowing that right there was a young man with hormones raging and most likely screaming at him, insisting that he try to fuck every naked female within view. I was sure that the sexy nude MILF right next to me would have suited him just fine!

“Only,” he said before swallowing nervously, “only a few minutes.”

Ruth had wrapped her hair up like in a turban and finally got a good look at Pete.

“Wow! Is this your man?” She sounded seriously impressed.

“Uh, yeah, this is my Petey.”

“You lucky dog,” Ruth said as she playfully slapped me on the shoulder, “how did you manage to land such a handsome young stud like this?”

My Pete. He really was a good-looking young man; always very fit and muscular and at roughly six foot tall, he played on the varsity basketball team and was the assistant coach for a couple of youth soccer teams. Pete had a concerned look on his face, possibly hoping for me to clarify her misconceptions.

“Yep, he’s all mine. Our families have known each other since he was born, practically.” I almost, almost, almost told her that he was really my son but I thought the better of it.

Pete looked at me with a blank expression that I read as, “So that’s how we’re going to play this then? I’m your boy toy?”

Not knowing what to expect with the resort, I thought it best that people thought we were a couple instead of a single mom and her available son. It was bound to be awkward no matter what, so I decided that having us pose as a married couple would be the lesser evil. I’d rather have dirty looks for appearing to rob the cradle than get hit on by some drunk, naked old men.

“My husband is younger than me too, by a good five years, but you’ve got me beat by a mile,” said an obviously jealous Ruth, still hungrily eying my svelte young man.  “Oh, it’s Ruth by the way.”

Ruth stepped forward and held out her hand which Pete shook and replied, “Pete.”

There was no way that he could avoid staring at her boobs. They were precisely at eye level with him by the way he was sitting, but like the refined gentlemen he was, he looked her in the eye.

“Nice to meet you, Pete, I instantly bonded in the shower with your, uh,” she looked to me for guidance as to what title she should refer to me as.

“Wife,” I offered and I could see Pete trying to hide a smirk.

“Get out of town!” Ruth said, incredulously. “You’re really married?”

“She took my last name and everything,” Pete said, proudly.

It was my turn to stifle a giggle that time.

“That’s fantastic! Good for both of you!”

Ruth put her hands on her hips and looked back and forth between Pete and myself, with a huge grin on her face.

A couple that looked to be in their forties squeezed past us in the hall and said, “Excuse us!”

I couldn’t help but notice that they were both shaved as well, and that was the first naked guy I’d seen at the resort so it struck me again all of a sudden exactly where we were, despite there being a very chatty naked woman in deep conversation right next to us. The couple passing us didn’t faze Ruth in the slightest.

“So are you guys headed to your room then?”

“We’re starving, so we decided we’d go eat first,” I said and Pete nodded as he stood up; I could see that he had to adjust his towel because something was evidently making it uncomfortable for him in the front.

Ruth glanced up at the clock on the wall between the locker room doors and it read a quarter after nine.

“You still have time to catch the dinner buffet. The dining room is down that way,” and she pointed down the hallway where the couple had just come from. “I’d go with you, but I told my husband that I’d meet him back at our room once I was done with my three-way.” Ruth looked at me and winked and Pete made a noticeable gasp.

I laughed and explained to Pete, “That’s what she calls using three shower heads at once in the locker showers.”

“Ah,” Pete sighed, “the men’s locker room was mostly guys on their cell phones and two gay guys scrubbing each other in the shower.”

“Two gay guys, huh?” I chuckled.

“Uh, yeah,” Pete said, amusedly. “They even offered to have me join them but I politely declined.”

Ruth smirked and said, “Yeah, there are a bunch of gay couples staying here,” Ruth must have noticed our concerned looks, “oh, but don’t worry, straight couples far outnumber the gay ones. Besides, almost all of the gay couples here get Certified.”

“What does that mean, Certified?” I asked because she made it sound like it was something important.

“Oh, that means you go into the lab and get tested for every major communicable disease in one fell swoop, and if you pass with flying colors, you get one of these diamond-shaped stamps on your right hand,” she said, promptly displaying her own stamp.

I hadn’t really noticed it before or else I’d just assumed that it was a tattoo.

“I was able to get the more durable stamp that doesn’t wash off very easily, considering there’s a lot of bathing and water activities here. As part of the test, they actually determine if you are allergic to one of the ingredients in the more potent dye—they’re very thorough here. Otherwise, you have to keep going back to the lab over and over again to get a new stamp once the old one washes off and that’s a real pain in the ass.”

“Why even bother with it in the first place,” I wondered.

“Well, I look at it one of two ways. It’s a sort of a seal of purity, that you’re not contaminated and all, and there are actually events and parts of the facility that they only grant access to for guests who are Certified.” Ruth glanced up at the clock again. “Shit, it’s almost nine thirty. My husband is going to wonder where the hell I’ve gone off to this time, so I gotta run. What’s my room number?”

“Uh, if you forgot, they said you could use one of those terminals,” I said as I pointed to the one on the wall between the locker rooms.

She laughed. “No, silly! What’s my room number so that you can get a hold of me later?”

“Oh,” I said, trying to remember but failing, “I…I forgot.”

“92L.” She looked over at Pete and said, “92L, Richmond.”

He nodded and said, “Richmond, 92L, got it!”

“There you go,” she said and playfully slapped Pete on his arm, “give us a call when you want to have some fun!” She turned and trotted off down the corridor.

Pete watched her depart and smiled, her butt jiggling as she jogged away; she had to hold onto the towel atop her head as she jogged. We both sighed in unison and gave each other tired, yet amused grins.

“Let’s go eat!”

We were almost to the end of the hallway and I could smell the aroma of cooked delicacies when I heard a voice from behind me call my name. Then I heard it again!

“Rhonda! Wait!”

I turned to look and it was Ruth running down the hall, holding onto the towel which must have fallen off her head in her sudden haste to reach us.

“Oh my God, I’m so glad I caught you. Once I realized…” She gasped for breath.

“Goodness Ruth, what happened?” I was seriously concerned.

“No, no, what almost happened. Once I realized what night it was and that you two were planning on wearing those towels into the dining room,” she paused to gasp again, “I knew I had to catch you.”

“Whatever for?” I was certainly befuddled.

“Randy Andy, that’s why.” She swallowed and said, “Tonight is Randy Andy night.”

What the fuck was that supposed to mean?

“Who the hell is Randy Andy?” I said looking at Pete and he just shrugged, not knowing either.

“He’s an insult comic and his act is running right now in the dinner lounge. His most favorite thing to do is to rip into newcomers wearing towels. Trust me; you do not want to be on the receiving end of his lame-ass jokes. He’ll glom right onto you, immediately knowing that you’re a newbie and then they’ll cover you with the spotlight and you’ll never be able to eat. After every joke he makes, especially around the new arrivals, he slaps his penis and they play an obnoxious bouncy sound in the background. It’s awful, but there are always about thirty diehard fans of his in the audience that just love him.”

Pete and I just stared at one another, unblinking.

Ruth, having fully caught her breath by then said, “Thank you for saving our lives, Ruth; how can we ever repay you, Ruth? Oh please, don’t thank me, I’m just here to help.” She threw her own towel over her shoulder and held out her hands to us. “Here, give me your towels, I’ll drop them off in the locker bin on the way back to my room.”

Pete stammered, “I…I’m uh, not exactly soft underneath this, if you know what I mean.” He started to turn flush.

The poor kid had blood rushing to every corner of his body in ways that he didn’t want. I winced on behalf of my poor son, lost for a solution to his, well, our predicament.

“You’ve got a hard-on? Don’t be embarrassed! Some guys have to take Viagra to be able to walk around all day with a boner!  C’mon, Rhonda, tell your man that you’re okay with him showing off what he’s got to the world. Otherwise, you never would have signed up to come here in the first place, am I right?”

Uh, yeah, about that Ruth…

“You did think about that fact when we booked this vacation, right, honey?” Pete said sardonically.

Time was a wasting, so I just said, “Well, fuck it.” I took off my towel and handed it to Ruth while looking at Pete the entire time with an expression of reluctant acceptance on my face. Pete gave me a quick look over, shrugged, and then nodded in acquiescence. He then slowly removed his towel, and what was revealed was a glorious thing to behold!

Springing forward from a small mound of pubic hair was one of the biggest, most beautiful cocks that I had ever seen in person! My son certainly wasn't a little boy any longer! Ruth and I gasped uncontrollably as we both just stared at the amazing thing.

Ruth stuffed the towels under one arm and quickly put her other arm around me and squealed with delight, “That’s yours? Rhonda, you get to have that whenever you want?” Ruth couldn’t stop staring, with her mouth agape in wonder and said, “It’s a work of art!”

It was true; my son was sporting a cock that could have easily been shown in an art gallery with a label underneath that read, “The World’s Most Perfect Penis.”

I had dildos that couldn’t compare to what he was sporting naturally. Conflicting emotions of pride and lust were spinning through my exhausted and food-starved brain. I couldn’t think clearly anymore.

Ruth grasped me tighter and then kissed me on the cheek unexpectedly and said, “Thank you for sharing him with us! On behalf of everyone, thank you!”

She forced herself to turn away and bunched the towels up in a ball under her arm.

“If you’ll excuse me, I am now going to go have sex with my husband and fantasize about being Rhonda Robertson!” She then gave me a quick slap on my butt as she trotted off down the hallway once again, leaving Pete and I to stare blankly at each other.

He quietly took my hand and led me out into the dining room lounge area.

Chapter 4

The lounge was rather dark, with spot lighting in various places lighting up the table areas. Past all of the tables, there were seats all turned to face a stage where the focus of most everyone’s attention was placed. On the stage was a chubby, balding guy that had a miniature bow tie comically tied around his rather small and unimpressive penis. He was strutting around on stage like an imbecile while a small percentage of the audience chuckled at his antics.

A middle aged man wearing a headset who was sitting alone near the lounge entrance took one look at us, grinned, and then appeared like he whispered something to his side. I could see where the salad bar started off to our left, and just when I thought we were home free, we were blinded by a spotlight that shone right into our faces. Over the loudspeaker, the beginning notes of Thus Spoke Zarathustra echoed throughout the large chamber.

The goofball on stage began to recite in a serious dulcet voice, “Ladies and gentlemen, first there were the pyramids, then the Great Wall of China, and now…this man’s penis. All are man-made erections that can be seen from outer space.”

The audience cackled.

Pete tried to blink through the blinding spotlight as we continued to try to find our way to where the food was, but before that was possible, Mr. Bow-Tie Dick was off the stage and had already made his way over to where we were, his cordless microphone in hand.

“Dear God, where did you get that thing,” he said as he was quickly approaching, “a mail-order catalog?”

More chuckles from the sheep in the audience.

“What’s your name, son?” Randy Andy said, already on us with his microphone stuck in Pete’s face.

“Uh, Peter?”

“Peter, Peter, what a perfect name! Let me guess…your last name is Johnson?”

The audience laughed again.

Pete winced at the awful pun and said, “Close, it’s Cockson.”

The audience laughed even harder, appreciating the repartee.

“Peter, I see that you brought your mom to the show.”

The audience laughed just as loudly again. Peter didn’t have as quick a comeback to that one considering it was true.

“Damn, I can see why—your mom is hot!”

More laughter.

Peter piped up that time, “I tried inviting your mom, but she was unavailable.”

Even louder laughter.

“Sheesh, you’re getting more laughs than I am! Well I know that’s not true because my mom would have joined you in a heartbeat.”

Small chuckles.

“She’ll do anything she can to get out of fucking my dad.”

Louder chuckles.

“Then again, seeing me up on stage would only remind her of yet another bad conclusion as to what having sex with my dad has led to.”

A few chortles followed by a few “awwws” as well.

“Well Randy, it’s been awesome, but mom and I are starving and…”

He interrupted, “…and you need your energy for a long night of motherfucking, I totally get it.”

More laughter anew.

“Exactly, keep up the good work,” Pete patted Randy Andy on the shoulder who finally took the hint and the spotlight followed him back on stage.

Once he was back up on stage, Randy called out to the audience, “Give a hand to Peter and his lady friend for being such good sports.”

The audience turned towards us at the salad bar and clapped, a few whistled even. One woman in the audience yelled out to me, “You go, girl!”

I was sure that I was blushing from the embarrassment; I just couldn’t help it. Peter simply smiled and waved with salad tongs in his hand. I was so proud of him for retaining his composure!

I could hear Randy Andy say, “You know I just get so jealous of a guy when he gets a bigger,” he paused for effect, “bigger…uh…laugh than I do.”

The audience laughed and clapped again. Andy turned to making more jokes about his own family after that and finally left Peter and I in peace so that we could gather up our food and sit down and relax for a change. Despite the salad bar having obviously been left out by then for quite some time, it was still very tasty and Pete and I just sat and ate, saying nothing, yet we continued to give each other knowing glances which made us alternate chuckling back and forth.

Despite that obnoxious Randy Andy trying to spoil the evening for us, it was all turning out to be better than I expected. Randy Andy’s set ended at ten and a few people from his audience came over to get a couple things off the dessert booth before they closed it up. Evidently they always had a small late-night dessert bar with fresh fruit and various sweets from 11:00PM to 1:00AM, so if Pete and I decided to stay up late one night, we could partake of those delicacies too, if we so desired.

More than a few people stopped by our table and thanked us for being so funny. Really, I couldn’t take any credit for that—that was all Pete. I kept glancing over to Pete and he seemed to have an easier time focusing on people’s faces than I was. I was mesmerized by the sight of cocks of all shapes and sizes–most circumcised and a few not.

The women were from all walks of life—most looked to be in their thirties, forties, and fifties, but there were more than a few twenty-somethings along with a sizable smattering of older gray-heads. Almost every single person, no matter what age and gender, were all very well-groomed down there—most were completely shaved even, including the men. On average, I’d say that I was in better physical shape than most of them, but it did make me feel more than a little self-conscious about my pubic hair. I mean, I wasn't exactly sporting a 70’s fro downstairs by any means, but I did have a noticeable swath of pubic hair. I felt like I stood out enough already as it were.

I was finishing up the last of my pineapple when a woman, maybe a few years older than me and carrying an almost empty pina colada in one hand came right up to me from behind and placed her hand on my shoulder, which startled me a little. When she began to talk, I could tell that she had consumed far more than just one of those beverages.

“Youuuuuu,” she began slowly, “are a cougar after my own heart. How did jooooo manage to catch one of these fine young stud…muffins, eh?”

The woman was shorter than I, but definitely carried more meat on her bones. Her boobs sagged considerably and she had quite noticeable tan lines. I didn’t really have anything to say to the obviously intoxicated woman. She continued talking anyway and gestured towards my Pete.

“Tell me, is there aaaaaaaaaaa vending machine that has more of youuuuuu inside? I want one!”

Another woman came up and tried to steer the drunken woman away from us. “Barbara, come on, we need to get you back to the room.”

“But I want one of those!” She said, gesturing towards Pete.

“He’s not for sale, besides, he already has an owner,” the new woman winked at me and smiled.

I smiled back, appreciating that we had an intermediary between us and this blitzed Barbara woman.

“Can I borrow hers then?” The drunken woman wasn't fighting being led away but she was still not shutting up any time soon.

“Maybe you can ask her when you’re sober.”

“But I forget things when I’m sober.”

“And we’re all the better for it.”

“Wazzat supposed to mean?”

“I’ll tell you in the morning…”

By then they were out of earshot. Nobody else interrupted us but every time I looked over at any people nearby, they were usually looking our way, many of which smiled and waved to us. It was almost like we were instant celebrities for some reason.

Pete had stocked up on crab legs before they’d completely closed up the buffet, so he was still eating well after I’d finished my fruit. While he was occupied with his crunchy crustaceans, I took the time to scan around the rather large lounge/buffet area to take in our surroundings better since my hunger was satiated.

The place was quite large. It could easily fit a few hundred people at the tables and among the single chairs facing the stage. Most of the crowd had dissipated by then so I watched as the staff cleaned up sections and put chairs on top of some of the tables in the empty sections.

Most of the cleanup staff members were male, and the vast majority of them were either Hispanic or Filipino. All of them were naked save for a white collar with a small black bow tie where their name tags were attached. From behind, their white collars resembled ones that priests would wear, which I found to be amusingly ironic.

Pete sighed and leaned back in his seat.

“Full?” I asked rhetorically.

“Yeah,” he said, wiping off the crab remnants from his hands, “it takes a while to eat these suckers anyway. I’m sure they would have just thrown them out had I not taken them in any case.”

“Most likely,” I responded, nodding, “they would have. But I don’t want you getting food poisoning on our first night here because…”

“…because you want me in tip-top shape for a long night of ravishing me?”

“Peter!” I said loudly.

He just laughed and said, “I keed, I keed!” He held up his hands as if to show that he didn’t mean anything by it.

Had I not been his mother, ravishing him would have likely been very high on my list of priorities. The thought of his huge cock thrusting in and out of me flashed through my head and I quickly pushed it aside, embarrassed at myself for thinking it, and then for some reason, I glanced around to see if anyone else had read my mind somehow. Nobody else was looking in our direction; Peter just glared at me with a silly grin, proud of himself for getting me worked up.

“Alright you joker, are you ready to go find our room then?”

“Absolutely!” He said as he used his napkin to wipe his face before setting it on the table.

He stood up before I did which gave me yet another glance of his large penis, and damn it if it wasn't still noticeably hard! I sighed and stood up.

“What’s wrong?” Pete asked.

“Huh? What?”

“You had a heavy sigh.”

“I…uh…I don’t know.”

I certainly wasn’t going to tell Pete that I was thinking about having his cock inside me and it made me sort of sad that it couldn’t happen. I was ashamed of myself for thinking of it in the first place!

“I guess I’m just tired,” I shrugged, “it’s been a long day.”

That excuse seemed to suffice because he said, “Well, let’s go find that room of ours then.”

“Oh, shit,” I said, “was it 92-something?”

“That was Ruth’s room,” Pete replied, “ours is 45H.”

“Good thing I have you! I’m too tired to remember.”

“Well come then, Mrs. Robertson, let me assist you in finding your room. Come.” With that, Pete took my hand and guided me out of the lounge area.

“I could certainly use a good cum,” my dirty mind silently interjected and I promptly told it to shut up as Pete led me in the direction of the H corridor.

Chapter 5

We zigzagged back to where the locker rooms were and found out that the H corridor was evidently short for Heavenly because we realized that we would have gotten there quicker by looping in from the other end of the corridor which was closer to the dining lounge area (we didn’t make the H=Heavenly connection at the time). Ruth’s corridor L was short for Leisure.

Pete had to use the terminal near the locker rooms to find all that out because we were confused about where our room was, forcing him to bring up a map of the whole facility. The place was huge!

The rooms were located on two levels and most of the buildings were all interconnected in a large horseshoe shape surrounding the central pool and Water Fun Zone as they called it. There was also a small lake on the property along with hiking trails, bike trails (nude biking?), and a few large open grassy areas for various activities.

They had a small medical facility on site and who knows what else. I stopped looking at the map once Pete had determined exactly where our room was. Naked people were walking up and down the hallway and a late-arriving nervous couple kept peeking out of the locker rooms to see if the coast was clear.

I thought about offering the nervous young woman some advice, but I was simply too tired to be overly considerate at that time. I felt kind of guilty for not being friendlier to her considering the huge impact Ruth made with helping Pete and me. By the time we were wrapping up looking at the map, the corridor was clear save for Pete, me, and the young couple who had ventured out from the locker rooms covering themselves up with their hands.

It looked like they were waiting to use the terminal. Pete looked over at them and smiled, seeing them whispering to one another. They had to have been in their mid-twenties and must have been first timers like we were. They looked like they’d been mugged and had everything stolen from them by the way they were acting. Even though it had only been a couple of hours since we’d arrived, Pete and I were pretty nonchalant about our own nudity by then considering at least a hundred people or so had seen us naked at that point.

“First timers?” Pete offered to the blushing couple.

“Uh, yeah,” they nodded sheepishly, “We didn’t know that we couldn’t bring any clothes into the facility at all.”

“You’ll get used to it.” Pete smiled and winked at me. “We didn’t even know this was a nudist resort when we first got here and look at us now!”

The couple chuckled appreciatively, not seeming to realize that Pete was actually telling the truth.

We were about to walk away when Pete said to them, “Oh, in case you didn’t know, if you take a shower in the locker room, they’ll let you leave wearing a towel.”

The girl’s expression brightened up considerably and said, “Really? Oh, that’s really good news. Mark, I’ll be right back.”

She then darted back into the girl’s locker room.

“Oh, thank you, you’re a lifesaver!” Mark said as he turned and darted into the men’s locker room.

Pete just laughed and said quietly to me, “Noobs!”

“That was us an hour and a half ago, you know,” I reminded him as we headed down the Heavenly corridor.

“That’s why I’m chuckling,” he replied.

Before we knew it, we were at our door and Pete triggered the lock with his thumbprint. Our room was beautiful! It looked bigger than you would expect because there were no closets—just a few shelves with extra linens, blankets and pillows. The bathroom was completely open to the room.

There was a giant tub that could easily fit four adults built into the tile between the enormous bed and the sink which was built into the wall. Right next to the sink was a recessed stall shower and it was big enough for two people; next to that was the toilet, in full view of the entire room.

Well, that’s just great. Pete and I would be watching each other use the toilet for the entirety of our stay. Then the realization of something else just struck me. Pete and I would be sleeping naked in the same bed. I don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me before. I was just so used to default hotel setups where rooms typically had two beds and you actually had to request a single king bed if you wanted something different.

I should have known that the photo of the beautiful suite with the huge bed meant that it was the standard room setup for the place, but then again, at the time I didn’t make the connection that it was a nudist resort either.

“Okay, okay,” Pete said as he swung his arms back and forth. “So will we be sharing the bed or will I be sleeping on the couch?”

There was indeed a couch over by the blind-covered window and it was surrounded by two chairs and a card table.

“Maybe it makes into a bed?” I offered.

Pete went over to check and tried pulling off the central vinyl cushion to no avail. It was obviously made to sit on and for easy cleaning–it definitely wasn’t designed for sleeping on.

“Uh, no.” Pete said as he replaced the decorative pillows.

“Then we share a bed,” I shrugged.

Pete just nodded and shrugged back.

“Well, I am exhausted and I wish we had our stuff,” I said as I pulled back the covers on the bed. “I can’t stand the thought of going to bed without brushing my teeth.”

Pete was over at the sink washing his hands, which I’m sure were still sticky from the messy food he ate for dinner.

“Oh, hey,” he said as if he found something important, “there’s a little cabinet over here filled with disposable toothbrushes, a few different kinds of toothpaste, mouthwash, and even dental floss!”

I was next to him within seconds, only needing to circumnavigate the intervening tub.

“Hallelujah!” I said as I began pulling out the much-needed implements to maintain my own proper dental hygiene. I bumped into him in my haste and my left boob rubbed up against his arm. I didn’t think much of it until out of my peripheral vision I could see his penis starting to get hard as he brushed his teeth next to me.

I acted like I didn’t see anything but I was more than a little curious. When it came time for me to rinse and spit, I intentionally rubbed against him again in order to bend over and spit in the sink, and sure enough, his cock started to thicken up even faster. It was pretty mean of me, but for some reason, it delighted me anyway. Pete tried his best to stand in a way so that it wouldn’t be so obvious, but I could see it perfectly well in the mirror in any case and smirked as I flossed my teeth.

“I have no control over it,” he said, exasperatedly.

“What? Your penis?” I smiled and flossed, curiously giddy at the same time.

“Uh, yeah.”

“What’s the problem? It looks great to me!”

“I, uh, can’t stop it from getting hard whenever it wants to.”

“Do you have a problem knocking into things with it or something?” I joked, knowing full well that he was uncomfortable with getting aroused by or around me so easily.

He laughed and said, “No, it’s just that I know it’ll get hard at the drop of a hat. There aren’t exactly any private places for me to go and well…”

“What, masturbate?”

“Uh…yeah, something like that.” He was obviously more embarrassed at revealing that tidbit to me than he was when he got the spotlight on him at the Randy Andy show.

“Tell you what, I am so exhausted, I just know I’ll be out cold once my head hits the pillow.”

“Uh, okay?”

He wasn’t catching my drift.

“Well, once I’m asleep, feel free to…take care of yourself down there…to your heart’s content. As long as you aren’t too loud or spray it all over me, I’ll be off in dreamland.”

“Oh, uh, okay then!”

“Goodnight, sweetie,” I said as I kissed him on the cheek.

I thought about also kissing his penis good night as well and it gave me a little twinkle of naughty glee just thinking about it. I was tired, that was true, but I was also so turned on at the idea of my naked son masturbating merely a few feet away from me that I couldn’t actually fall asleep. The sheets were cream-colored and oh-so-soft and smooth to the touch. They felt so good against my naked skin.

I wasn’t one to normally sleep in the nude at home, but that bed and those sheets were so comfortable, I figured that I could be an easy convert to sleeping like that all the time! Were they Egyptian cotton? Maybe I could ask one of the room attendants or maids if I ran into one.

I was trying to distract myself from the constant awareness that my naked and probably fully erect son was within arm’s reach of me and he was likely just waiting for any signs of me being fast asleep before he started pleasuring himself.

I had chosen the side of the bed closest to the door and bath area whilst Pete was on the side closest to the couch, chairs, and the window which was covered with large vertical blinds. I had rolled onto my left side, with my back to Pete.

I began breathing deeply and rhythmically to imply that I just might be asleep and after maybe two more minutes, I could feel the covers being adjusted; Pete likely exposing himself to the night air, and pretty soon I began to feel the bed shake a little and I could hear little pops and smacks which sounded juicy in nature. I couldn’t tell if he was using a lube of some kind or if he was just naturally juicy, but I was certain that he was indeed jerking off right next to me!

Still maintaining my deep breathing, I ever so slowly moved my left hand down to between my legs and found that I was wetter than I had ever expected to be! I was so turned on, it was driving me crazy! Sensing that I wasn't being disturbed by his noises or actions, Pete picked up the pace and I could hear his breathing increase.

I started pulling some of the wetness from my pussy up to my clit and began rubbing myself to the same rhythm of Pete’s motions so as not to give myself away. Oh, how I wished that I could spread my legs and really go at myself, but that would have to do for the time being.

Just a few moments later, I could hear Pete moan very softly and I could hear the squish of moisture increase suddenly. Was he cumming? I don’t know about him, but that was enough to give me a small orgasm which I carefully stifled and made it look like I was only adjusting my position during my sleep, all the while having a wonderful little orgasm all to myself.

What would he have thought had he known that we’d just masturbated together? It was so sexy! I felt so naughty and dirty for doing it too, but that naughtiness was completely overpowered by just how good it felt! Damn it! I was his mother! Mothers weren’t supposed to feel such things for their sons, were they?

I’d heard of oedipal complexes, but what did you call the reverse, where a mother sexually lusted after her adult son? Would I have felt the same way if I still had a husband? Would I have felt the same way if I hadn’t seen what a big beautiful cock my son had?

I contemplated my situation for a while until I heard deep breathing and light snoring coming from Pete’s side of the bed. Yep, that squish I heard must have definitely been him cumming. I was so wrapped up in hiding my own orgasm that I was oblivious to him cleaning up or whatever he did afterwards.

For all I knew, he came all over the bed or himself and just left it to dry, but Pete wasn’t like that. He would have cleaned up. Maybe he grabbed a small towel or a handful of tissues or something. All that and I was still turned on, too! I figured that since he was definitely asleep by that point, I might be able to please myself just a little more before I fell asleep as well!

I slowly turned over and even though there weren’t any lights on in the room, the small amount of ambient light coming in from the perimeter of the window blinds was more than enough to see by then since my eyes had adjusted to the low light level. I glanced over to Pete. He was lying on his back, and I could make out a small bulge in the covers where his penis would be.

He was noticeably snoring lightly, and if he was faking it, he was certainly doing an Oscar-worthy performance of it. I figured that it was safe enough to pleasure myself by then without any fear of being caught. He had always been a relatively sound sleeper anyway.

I was fairly warm, so I slowly pulled back the covers of the bed so that my pussy could feel the night air. I was still ever so wet! When I masturbated, I liked to use both hands. I usually alternated between one hand massaging my clit while the other one rubbed up and down against my labia and occasionally stuck a finger or two into my pussy to spread the wetness around.

It had probably been over a week since I last masturbated and that would have been with my massager back at home. I couldn’t remember the last time I was that wet, if ever! I was so juicy that my pussy was making light smacking sounds with almost every move I made.

Pete was still out cold, but I was imagining every possible thing that a man and a woman could do with each other, but only that time, the man in my fantasy was my son Peter. I soon brought myself to such a powerful, rousing climax that I had to turn my head and bite into the pillow for fear of crying out and waking up my sexy Pete.

I shuddered and gasped into the pillow as I couldn’t stop giving myself one long, powerful orgasm. Had he woken up at that point, there wouldn’t have been anything I could do about it. It took a few minutes for me to come down from that powerful orgasm of mine and I then looked over to see if Pete had woken up, but he was still out cold and facing the other way.

I could hear him snoring lightly. Whew! Not only did I not wake him up, that felt fantastic! Thank you, Peter! I felt so happy with just a slight twinge of guilt and remorse knowing that it was the thoughts of incest with my son that had gotten me so worked up.

Had he possibly thought about me while he was masturbating? I was feeling a little tingly down there again just thinking about the chances of it. I suppose the possibility was there. I did see him start to get hard when I’d rubbed up against him with my boob. I thought about ways to broach the subject with him the next day and before I knew it, I was fast asleep.

Chapter 6

It was morning because I could tell how bright it was. Why was it so bright? I lifted my head off the pillow and I could see people walking back and forth along the patio walkway just outside the window.

Some turned to look in at us and after not seeing anything exciting enough to give them pause, continued on their way. Why were our blinds open? I distinctly remembered them being closed and Pete was still out cold so he couldn’t have gotten up and opened them.

I slowly eased my way out of bed so as to not disturb Pete and trotted over to the window to see about getting ourselves some privacy. A couple of cute girls younger than me saw me and smiled and waved as they walked by. I half-heartedly smiled and waved back, and waited until they had passed before pulling the fabric curtains closed.

Evidently the place had the vertical blinds on a timer to open and close whenever they damn well felt like it. At least there were curtains that I could control and once they were closed, the room was much darker. Still, the light coming in from around the perimeter of the curtains was easily enough to see with, since it was so bright and sunny outside.

I was quiet enough while closing the curtains that Pete didn’t even flinch. As I went back to the bed, I glanced over at the clock and was surprised to see that it read 9:12AM. That meant that I’d slept for more than eight hours and was plenty rested.

Pete had slept for even longer and was still out. As he lightly snored, I couldn’t help but notice that there was a very pronounced bulge in the sheets right where his penis would be. Why, he must have had a morning boner!

I remembered when Pete’s father used to get those. Usually our schedules were too busy to make use of it, but every so often, Pete’s father and I were able to take the time for some great morning sex!


How could I get a private peek at that wonderful cock of his without waking him up? Obviously, all I had to do to see it would be to wake him up and I’d be seeing it eventually anyway, but how could I see it hard and up close without him knowing about it? He was relatively close to his side of the bed.

Maybe I could carefully lift up the covers and see it that way? Nah. I could carefully crawl back into bed on my side and try peeking under the sheets that way? Maybe.

I could just pull the covers off and completely expose him? That would most certainly wake him up. Hmmmm….

I considered trying to crawl into bed on my side and go from there. I did have to pee, but the sound of the toilet flushing might have woken him up since there wasn't any bathroom wall in between and it was only about fifteen feet from the bed. I didn’t have to go so badly that I couldn’t hold it. I had a pretty strong bladder anyway.

I was much more interested in doing something naughty, and I could tell that it was beginning to make me wet again because I could feel that familiar twinkle downstairs. Slowly and meticulously, I eased my way back into bed and under the covers. When I was certain that Pete hadn’t been disturbed, I slowly moved under the covers and got closer and closer to the source of the mysterious bed bulge.

I would have been better off doing it with the curtains open, because I could barely see anything underneath the covers in the dim light. I reached out to try to lift up the sheets a little more to let in some light when I actually bumped into his penis as he started turning over into my direction and that woke him up with a start. He threw off the covers revealing me curled up underneath with a silly grin on my face.

“Mom! Uh, is everything okay?”

His hard penis was fully exposed and just a few inches away from me.

“Oh, fine! Why do you ask?”

I smiled wide and looked up at him blinking innocently.

“What were you doing?” He asked confusedly.

“Oh, nothing! I was just investigating a lump in the bed was all” I smiled widely again.

“A lump?” Pete looked at me incredulously.

“Uh, yeah, heh. Turns out it was your penis. Isn’t that fascinating?”

“What?” Pete was still confused. “My penis?”

“Yeah, I mean how hard it can get in the morning while you’re fast asleep! Does it do that every day?”

“Uh, not every day, no,” Pete looked down at his hard, throbbing cock which was certainly at full mast at that point.

Full, gloriously hard, standing at full attention, and my darling Pete didn’t even try to cover it up. Bless him! Had I been in the military, I may have felt the urge to salute it back. I propped up my head with one arm and continued to look at his penis as I talked to him.

“What do you do to have it go back to normal?” I asked, hoping that he’d be open with me.

“Well, um, sometimes I just have to let it die down…”

I could see some moisture ooze out the tip. He was definitely more turned on than simply having a morning woody.

“What if it doesn’t die down and you’re not in any hurry?”

“Well…” Pete said, still being hesitant.

“Do you play with it?” I looked up and grinned at him this time and he sheepishly smiled back at me, obviously nervous and confused about my interest and/or attention.

“Well, yeah, sometimes. Heh.”

I looked up at him, my eyes surely sparkling as I said excitedly, “Ooooh! Can I watch?”

“What? You mean, you mean right now?”

“Well, it is completely hard,” I said as I pointed at the drips that were forming on the tip, “and these drops here mean that you’re turned on. So why not?”

“Mom?” He said with an underlying, ‘you’re shitting me, right?’ tone to his voice.

“You know, if you want,” I paused expectantly.

He took the bait. “If I want what?” he swallowed nervously.

“I…I could always do it for you,” I offered and batted my eyelashes demurely at him.

“Uh, are you serious?” He asked, and I could hear the excitement in his voice that he was trying to stifle.

“Sure! I used to give your dad handjobs all the time!”

“Really? Wow. Okay, my mom wants to jerk me off,” he said under his breath to himself.

I just chuckled and said, “Did you see any lotion in the cabinet?”

He just pointed to the wall on the edges of the bed and said, “There are lube dispensers imbedded into the wall there and there.”

Holy shit! The place really had thought of everything!

“Now we’re talking! Just lay back, relax, put your arms behind your head and enjoy.”

I rolled over and used the dispenser on my side of the bed to fill my hand with a clear, odorless gel that I was sure was all-natural and biodegradable to boot. Pete watched me the whole time with a concerned yet expectant look on his face.

I rubbed my hands together and said, “Just relax. I know what I’m doing. I think you’re going to like this. Actually, I know you’re going to LOVE this!”

I moved closer into position and reached out with my left hand and slowly but firmly grasped onto his enormous throbbing cock. He shuddered and moaned at my touch and his eyes opened wide as he inhaled deeply and looked up at the ceiling briefly, and then back to me with a huge smile on his face.

I added my right hand to the mix and at first slowly went up and down on his shaft to distribute the lube all over his cock before I really started going at him. He moaned with appreciation as I started slow and gentle and then casually ramped up my speed, alternating as to which hand I did the stroking with and which hand gently caressed his balls.

It must have only taken me a minute of stroking before he said, “I’m…I’m almost there!”

I continued to stroke at a strong, fast pace and I even sped up a little when he cried out, “I’m cumming!”

He looked into my eyes when he said that and I maintained eye contact with him the whole time, only quickly checking to make sure that he was indeed coming as the cum splashed all over his chest. He quivered and buckled underneath my strokes as he came but he continued to look into my face, unblinking the entire time. Oh, I was so seriously turned on by that!

“That feel good, baby?” I asked as he finally rested his head back on the pillow and nodded, gasping as his orgasm subsided.

His father never looked into my eyes when he came. The fact that Pete did just made my heart melt and my pussy felt like it was on fire! Pete must have loved knowing that it was me doing that to him and it made his orgasm that much better because of it! I loved my son so much, and I knew just this act alone would certainly change our mother/son relationship forevermore. I wondered what more the following week could bring. I was simply giddy with the possibilities, and more aroused than ever!

I looked at my cum-covered son’s chest and my own sticky, gooey hands and said, “Honey, why don’t we take a quick shower together and wash ourselves off?”

He nodded after taking a deep breath. We rolled ourselves out of the bed on opposite sides and he followed me into the shower stall. Just like in the locker room showers, there were soap and shampoo dispensers built into the shower walls. I found that most of the lube washed off with just the water alone, but I used the soap still all the same.

Pete stood close to me, his cock at half-mast as I proceeded to help wash the lube and cum off him. He was certainly messier than I was, considering his torso was splattered with a good-sized amount of his sperm. I happily soaped his chest and his penis up, which started to get hard again in my hand which only made me grin even more.

“Oh, I have to pee so bad!” I said as I was lathering up his balls and did a little dance to try to not think about it.

“Well, can you just squat here and pee into the shower drain?” Pete offered and I looked at him quizzically.

“Just pee here in the shower? Isn’t that kinda gross?”

“You’ve never peed in the shower before?”

“Well, I can’t say that I haven’t. I don’t do it very often if I do.”

“I do it all the time. The water all goes to the same place anyway, right?”

I frowned and if I didn’t have to go so badly, I would have waited and used the toilet.

“Alright, but don’t watch me, okay?”

“I’ll look the other way then.”

I could barely hold it anyway.

I squatted down over the drain and immediately began peeing at an angle that completely missed the drain.

“Fuck!” I said as I adjusted myself and leaned forward so the pee went shooting down the drain at the right angle.

I heard Pete laugh as I continued to pee. I couldn’t have stopped the stream at that point if I wanted to; my bladder was so full! Finally when I was done, Pete helped me stand up and in doing so, gave me a little bit of a head rush. Like the good boy he was, he immediately started soaping me up and I happily let him, too.

Without a word from either of us, he soaped up my boobs and my chest. I turned around and he soaped up my back. He was reluctant at first to soap up my butt, but once I grabbed his hands with mine behind me and helped him rub them all over my butt and even inside my crack, he had to have known that I was completely fine with having him touch me everywhere.

He didn’t soap up my inner legs or my pussy and I wasn't going to force him either, even though I was ever so willing. I soaped up my patch of pubic hair and it reminded me that I wanted to shave it.

“Did you see a razor anywhere?” I asked Pete.

“You know, there might be one over at the sink cabinet.”

“Ah, never mind. I’ll shave later.”

“Think I should shave too?”

“Sure! Maybe we can do that together tonight or something!”

I winked as I proceeded to rinse the last of the soap off me. Pete had already done the same to himself and he let me feel the full blast of the water spray. The shower was plenty large enough for two people, but the shower spray could really only hit one person at a time effectively.

It would have been cool if the place had co-ed showers like the ones they had in the locker rooms. I was proud of myself for being so progressive in my thinking. I was already not the same woman that had walked into the resort some thirteen hours before.

Since then, hundreds of people had seen my son and me naked, and I was taking a shower with my son right after I gave him a morning handjob. Was it the environment doing that to me or what? I grabbed Pete and pulled him into a strong embrace underneath the warm spray of the water. I could feel his cock pressed up against my belly and I could feel it immediately start to get harder again, but I held him close and tight anyway.

“Oh, Pete! I love you so much!”

“I…I love you too, mom!”

We just stood there for a few moments holding each other close and I just loved feeling his naked warm wet skin pressed close to mine. I felt the almost overwhelming desire to just crouch down right there and take his magnificent cock into my mouth and start sucking away, but he was actually holding me so tight and close, evidently not wanting to stop hugging me either. The only thing that interrupted our loving embrace was the sound of Pete’s stomach grumbling.

“Hungry?” I looked up at him excitedly.

“I am.” He looked back at me affectionately, more like he was looking at a beloved girlfriend than at his mom and it made me instantly feel all mushy inside. I turned off the water and Pete grabbed two towels from the cubby just outside the shower stall. We dried off watching each other and smiling. Now that we weren't pressed up against each other, Pete’s erection started to slowly subside. He went over to the HDTV monitor and turned it on.

“I thought you wanted to go eat?” I said as I hung my towel up on the shower stall door rack next to where Pete had placed his.

“I want to know how much time we have left to catch breakfast or if we’ve missed the breakfast buffet.”

I nodded and ransacked the little cabinet at the sink and found a hairbrush and a hair tie, which I promptly made use of to pull my long, damp sandy blonde hair back out of my face and into a ponytail. Once the TV warmed up, it displayed a welcome screen.

“Welcome, Mr. & Mrs. Robertson to Sunshine Valley!” It read. “Would you like to sign up for any special events today?”

Right below that, it had a program guide that resembled a list of TV show times and the topmost option read “Sensual Shaving for Couples” and I wasn't able to read any more because Pete had clicked on a different screen option.

“Wait! Pete! Go back to that last screen!”

Pete pressed the back button on the touch screen and I was able to read more.

“Sensual Shaving for Couples: 11:30AM-12:30PM—Plenty of openings left!”

“Pete! It’s a sign! We were just talking about shaving, too!”

“You want me to sign us up for it?”

“Only if you want to, honey!”

“Well, sure! I’m game!”

He then clicked on the listing and changed the reservation slot number to two and then clicked on the confirm button.

“Alright, that gives us just over an hour to find something to eat,” he said, proud of himself for figuring out their interface so easily. “Should we just head back to the lounge and take our chances?”

I shrugged and said, “May as well. That’s where any breakfast buffet would be, right?”

Pete nodded and shrugged back.

“Alright!” I said as I clapped my hands together. “Let’s go!”

“Sure, just remember G3.”

“G3?” I queried.

“That’s where we have to be at 11:30.”

“Ah, right—Sensual Shaving!” I said as Pete headed towards the door before me and I rubbed his shoulders. “Sounds like fun!”

I let go of my grip on his shoulders and gave him a playful smack on his handsome bare butt and shooed him out the door.

Chapter 7

Much like the night before, we barely caught the end of the breakfast buffet which was set to close down at 10:30 to prepare for the lunch setup. Everything was still in great shape! I loaded up on mostly fruit again once because I just loved fresh fruit and I also helped myself to an assortment of mini-muffins and scones.

Pete loaded up on the typical heavy breakfast fare like scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, and the like. I opted for some coffee, but Pete went for his usual of milk and orange juice. He was convinced from a young age that one should always have both milk and orange juice at breakfast because that was how they showed proper breakfasts being eaten on various TV commercials when he was really little. He liked to drink them in tandem and hadn’t seen any reason to quit doing so.

I always dosed my coffee with heavy amounts of sugar and creamer, so I was certainly not one to talk. Pete was definitely a lot happier and more animated than usual and he initiated a number of hellos and good mornings to other resort goers. We had wrapped up eating before the clock had even struck eleven and therefore had plenty of time to locate wherever G3 would be, so we decided to just wander the corridors and see what other various places there were to be found in the complex.

Pete had predicted that G might have been close to our own H corridor, but it wasn't. It was actually on the opposite side of the inner complex, near the Lab. G was evidently short for Gym because G1 was filled with exercise equipment while G2 was filled with mostly women and just a small smattering of men performing yoga on blue mats which filled the room. Pete was more than willing to watch the yoga class while we waited, but I thought that would have been impolite.

The G3 room was open but there wasn't anyone inside at that point. There was a big stack of the same type of blue mats that they were using in the yoga room piled along the side of the room. Most of the walls in G3 were covered with mirrors, which G2 did not have. It looked like a room that could have been used for ballet or who knows what; why else would you need all of those mirrors?

The thought of naked girls dancing around wearing only a tutu around their waist and little ballet shoes came to mind and I smirked to myself. I saw by the clock on the wall in the G3 room that it wasn't even a quarter after eleven by then, so we would have had close to a twenty minute wait for the class to start.

Pete looked at the clock and said, “Why don’t we see what else is down this hall then and just come back when it’s closer to 11:30?”

“Sure,” I nodded.

We kept on going. The next door was G4 and it was closed and dark inside so we skipped it. Right after that was the Lab and Pete wanted to take a peek inside. Right as we got to the door, a couple was leaving and they had excited looks on their faces; they were showing each other fresh red and black diamond marks on the backs of their right hands. The guy was all smiles and he held the door open for us as we entered. There were a number of seats in the Lab but only two were occupied; a bored-looking middle-aged couple flipped through some Nudist Lifestyle magazines.

“Can I help you?” The attendant asked as the door closed behind us.

Without missing a beat, Pete walked up to the counter and I noticed that the woman who had addressed us was fully clothed in a white smock and blue slacks which struck me as being out of place all of a sudden, considering the previous person we had seen clothed was from the day before.

“What does it take to get Certified?” Pete asked, highlighting the importance of the word certified.

The lady’s expression didn’t change. She said, “Well, you get a blood draw taken and then come back in about two hours for your results. If everything comes up clean, you can get stamped at that time.”

“About how long does it take to get a blood draw?” asked Pete.

She replied, “It’s pretty slow right now, so they could take you right away. If you waited until this afternoon, that’s when the weekenders show up and the place starts to get busy around three or four.”

Pete nodded and said, “And about how long does the blood draw process itself take? We’re due to attend a class next door here at 11:30.”

“Oh, usually not more than five to ten minutes. We have one doctor on duty for that right now, so if you’re both wanting to get drawn right now, you’d be cutting it pretty close.”

“Pete, we can come back after the class,” I said, noticing that we would indeed be limited on time.

I wasn’t sure that I’d be in the mood for some sensual shaving right after having to give blood anyway. I’ll admit that I’d get a little squeamish around blood and needles.

“Just exactly what does getting certified mean?” I asked, not really sure I even wanted to go through the process at all.

“Well,” the attendant began like it was from rote memorization, “they test for all major communicable blood-based diseases including but not limited to HIV, all known strains of hepatitis, and pretty much any sexually transmitted disease you’ve ever heard of.”

Pete and I just nodded as she continued, “they also confirm your blood type in case you need any emergency medical attention while on resort grounds, and they can even give you a blood glucose and lipid breakdown if desired.”

“Wow!” I said, rather impressed that this modest nudist resort clinical lab was so advanced. “All that just to get a little stamp of purity?”

“You certainly don’t have to, ma’am. It’s not required. Well, it is if you wish to attend any Certified-only events or get access to the Certified-only spa and lounge area.”

“Or show off like you’re a Star-Bellied Sneech,” Pete chimed in.

“Pardon?” The woman looked at Pete like he was insane.

“Remember the Dr. Seuss book? The Sneeches?”

“Ah, I remember,” I said, nodding and getting his meaning.

“Remember,” Pete said as he pointed to the center of his chest and explained to the confused woman, “some Sneeches had stars on their bellies and some didn’t? The ones with stars were considered elite Sneeches and some guy with a machine came and sold stars to those Sneeches without stars on thars so they could be part of the cool crowd.”

The woman furrowed her brow and said, “Uh, sure, if you say so.”

“Well, these Certified diamond stamps on our hands are like the stars on the Sneeches’ bellies—it means you’re one of the cool kids.”

“That is one way to look at it, I suppose,” the woman said, obviously not really caring or wanting to argue.

A new couple came in through the lab entry door and so we left the stoic attendant to attend to them as we headed next door to our class which was set to start within a few minutes. That means we just killed around ten minutes talking about blood borne diseases and Star-Bellied Sneeches.

Alright, time to shave some pubes! G3 had changed considerably in the fifteen minute span since we last saw it. There were blue mats spread around the room as couples were claiming floor spots and laying the mats out next to one another. A young woman passed out towels to people coming in.

“Hi! Are you registered for the shaving class?” She asked us as we entered the room.

“We sure are,” Pete said enthusiastically, “Robertson, party of two!”

The girl smiled and handed a towel to each of us and said, “Just grab a couple of mats from the pile over there and find an open spot on the floor.”

Two more couples came in behind us as we followed the directions and picked a spot roughly in the middle of the room to lay out our mats. It wasn't apparent where the front of the class was supposed to be, so we figured that dead center should suffice. The girl did a quick head count and announced that there were still two other couples signed up and she’d give it just a few more minutes before she started.

When the clock read 11:40, she asked the room, “Is there anyone here that did not reserve a spot in advance? It’s okay if you didn’t.”

One couple slowly and shyly raised their hands and then I realized why they looked familiar. They were the self-conscious young couple we had encountered in the hall the night before that Pete had told about the locker shower-towel option. They had finally stopped covering themselves up, but they both still looked very shy and nervous. They had picked a spot in the very corner of the back of the room which was why I hadn’t made the connection until right then.

The hostess said, “Well that means that there are still three couples left unaccounted for. We’ll just have to start without them then.”

With that, the girl set down the other towels she was carrying along with a clipboard which evidently had a printout of who’d signed up for the class. She then opened up a couple of cabinets next to the two sinks and said, “If I could have one person from each team line up here and get a razor and a washcloth for each person in your group along with one bottle of foaming lather. Wait—are there any groups of three or more or is everyone here just a couple?”

Everyone in the room glanced around at everyone else, but nobody responded.

“Okay,” she said to the class, “if you are either here by yourself OR are a group of three or more, please raise your hand.”

It looked like nobody was going to raise their hand when one guy half-heartedly raised his and said, “We came to the resort with another couple but they’re not in this class.”

“For this class, it’s just you and your partner, right?” The girl, I mean, instructor queried the sheepish man who only nodded in response.

“Well, that makes it easy! Everyone’s a couple then. So what that means is that one of your twosome needs to line up in this line and the other person in this line. One person will be filling up their water bowl and the other will be picking up the shaving supplies. Water here, supplies here.”

People slowly started to stand and began heading over to where she had pointed. I decided to gather the supplies while Pete filled up a large metal bowl with water. I’d made it back to our mats before he did because a few other people decided that they wanted their bowls as full as humanly possible, which prompted the instructor to let them know that if they’d only filled theirs about half-full, that should be plenty; if anyone needed to wash out or refill their bowl during the class, they could do so.

While people were getting supplies, another couple showed up late and were quickly filled in as to what they were supposed to be doing. As people were taking their positions, I noticed that all except one of the couples were a man and a woman—one of the couples was a cute little lesbian duo with surprisingly large bushes. I would have thought that they’d be a little more trimmed down there already, but who was I to judge? As the last two people were filling up their bowls, the instructor introduced herself which quieted down the already quietly whispering crowd even more.

“I can’t remember if I said this earlier, but my name is Jackie and welcome to Sensual Shaving. Whether you’re a newcomer to genital shaving or an old pro, I’ll be leading you all through a very simple set of steps to make shaving with your partner a fun and loving activity that you can both share together.”

The last two people hurried with their sloshing bowls over to their mats.

“No need to rush, we have plenty of time. I know the schedule said this class runs until 12:30, but you can certainly stay longer than that if you like. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to start with the men first and then the women. That means the men will be on the receiving end of the shaving first.”

She looked over to the lesbian couple and said, “If you want, one of you can be the man for this exercise or if you’d rather wait until we switch to the women, that’s fine too.”

The shorter of the two lesbians piped up, “I don’t mind being the man. Can I have a penis too?”

The class laughed and so did Jackie.

Jackie chuckled and replied, “I’m afraid you’ll just have to imagine that you have one.”

The lesbian snarkily replied, “Been there!”

The class laughed again and Jackie snorted.

“Well,” Jackie said regaining her composure, “let’s start by getting the shaving area wet first. The men can either stand or lie down on the mats for this exercise; it’s completely up to your preference here. Ladies, first take one of the washcloths and get it completely wet. Now rub the washcloth all over your man’s pubic hair and testicles.”

Pete decided to stand and I knelt in front of him using my mat for knee support. I did as instructed and before I even got the wet washcloth even close to Peter, his cock was already standing at full mast. I took a quick glance around the room. It seemed that most of the other men chose to lie down and about half of all the men were already sporting erections of some kind. None of them were anywhere near as well-endowed as my handsome young son. I used the washcloth to get his cock and balls soaking wet, dripping on the floor even.

Jackie looked around the room and said, “I definitely encourage having an erection for this next step, so ladies, if you want to help entice your man to have one with a few loving kisses on his manhood, you are more than welcome to do so.”

I could see Pete glancing around the room excitedly as more than half of the women started kissing and sucking on their men’s cocks. I smirked when I saw the short lesbian chick holding onto her invisible penis and her friend pretended to suck on it. Pete looked down at me expectantly with a big grin on his face.

I grinned back, “Does my sweetie need encouragement to stay hard?”

He swallowed and nodded. I blinked slyly as I leaned forward and looked up into his eyes as I kissed the tip of his rock-hard penis. The tip of it was wet with more than just water. He breathed heavily and twitched slightly, the smile on his face bigger than ever. I flicked my tongue out and licked the tip of his cock, getting even more of a taste of his sweet nectar. The look he gave me was so loving and lustful all at once; it just cranked the dial on my pussy up to eleven.

“Mmm, you taste good, baby!” I purred as I kissed the tip again. “Maybe I can do more of this later?”

He nodded very excitedly. Jackie walked by us and winked at me while flashing a thumbs-up.

Jackie spoke up to the crowd, “Now an erection is not required for this, but I do recommend it. Guys, if you can hold off ejaculating until after we’re done shaving, I recommend that, too.”

One woman who was seriously into sucking on her man got the hint and stopped abruptly, much to his disappointment. I didn’t realize how outright sexual the class was going to be, but I loved the openness of it all! The big shit-eating grin on Pete’s face told me that he was feeling likewise.

Other than the shy couple in the corner who seemed embarrassed to have anyone see what they were doing, everyone else appeared to be as comfortable as if they had been doing it all by themselves in the privacy of their own home.

“Alright, if your man has dried off from the water early, now would be a good time to add some more water before we start lathering him up.”

Pete still seemed to be wet, but I gave him another coating of water with the washcloth anyway.

“Looking good, so now it’s lather time!”

Jackie was close by and approached us.

“Would you mind demonstrating the lather process for everyone?”

“Uh…” I said, not sure of what she wanted us to do.

“Sure!” Pete said proudly as he looked down at me.

I just shrugged and looked at Jackie expectantly.

She looked at me and said, “Okay, take the bottle of lather and give it about four or five squirts into one of your hands.”

I did as she asked and my left hand was quickly filled with a huge pile of foam.

“Okay, now split that pile into both of your hands and start rubbing it on your man’s pubic hair starting at the top and working your way down.”

I followed her instructions as she said them.

“Now only go up about halfway up his cock and then down and around his balls.”

I was so used to Pete’s father’s rough and hairy balls, but Pete’s balls were so soft and smooth. They were barely covered with hair as it were, but I did as she directed; Pete’s cock stayed at full attention the entire time.

“Okay, if everyone follows suit right now and gets their men all lathered up, we’ll let…what’s your name, hon?” She leaned towards Pete as she said that last part.

“Pete!” He said, loudly enough for everyone to hear.

“We’ll give Pete a moment or two for the suds to soak in and make the hair just that much easier to shave without any risk of razor burn.”

Once everyone else was lathered up, Jackie went on to the next part.

“Okay, now everyone can follow along right after this point. So ladies, take your razor and get it wet and start by shaving from the top down in light strokes. You’ll find that if you aim his penis downwards while it is still hard, it pulls the skin tighter allowing for a smoother shave. That will be more important when we shave in the opposite direction after the initial shave where we get the long hairs first. Depending on how fast your razor fills up with hair, promptly rinse it out in your water tub and keep going. If you find the area getting dry, then feel free to add more lather whenever you need it.”

I proceeded to shave Pete in the direction she suggested and constantly had to rinse out the razor because it kept filling up with his hair. I didn’t have to re-lather him up for that part. Once I’d finished shaving the main section of his pubic hair, his cock looked even bigger than before since the first inch was no longer shrouded in curly black hair. It looked amazing!

“Now once you’re done with the first step, the downward shave step, you should notice that it got most of the longest hairs, but certainly not all of them. Now here’s a tricky but fun step, if you can manage it: First lather up the same area again with a smaller amount of suds. Now is when you really want to hold that cock down as far as it can go, and if you can manage it ladies, hold it down with it in your mouth instead of with your free hand. The guys seem to really like this part.”

“You think?” One of the ladies in the crowd chimed in and the rest of the class giggled.

I smiled and gleefully took the non-sudsy end of Pete’s wonderfully large cock in my mouth and crouched even further down below him as I tried a couple of attempts to find a comfortable position until I found one at an angle beneath him. Some of the suds found their way into my mouth anyway but I didn’t mind. Jackie instructed us as to how to shave against the grain and make his pubic skin area all soft and smooth. I kept the end of Pete’s cock in my mouth the entire time and he loved every second of it.

I had to stop a couple of times to change positions, and during one of those times, I used the washcloth to wipe the excess suds off his cock since my Pete tasted better than that soapy lather ever could. When it came time to shave his balls, Jackie instructed the guys to hold onto their own cocks and press them upwards against their own bellies so that the ladies would have the easiest access to shaving those very delicate parts of a man’s body. I was ever so careful as I gave Pete’s balls a fresh coating of lather and I was as gentle as could be as I shaved the small hairs on his scrotum.

Jackie instructed us on how to carefully stretch out the ball skin and shave them without any risk of injury; Pete agreed that it felt really nice. Next, Jackie had all of the guys lie down that weren’t lying down already and instructed the class on shaving the taint and around the asshole if that was desired. I inspected Pete and found that his taint was covered with the small hairs like on his testicles, but the inside of his ass was completely hair free.

For the guys who were flexible enough, which included Pete, she had them spread their legs and lift them back almost in a missionary position so that the ladies could shave their taints. Pete, being very athletic and flexible, could put his legs further back than anyone else in the room on the men’s side, and that included the cute chubby little lesbian woman.

I easily shaved his taint smooth and I finished before most of the other men were even in position. Jackie saw that we were done so quickly and told us that I could shave around his asshole if I desired and since Pete was still holding himself back in position as I wiped him off, I showed her that he was already hair-free down there.

She smiled approvingly and said, “Well, feel free to clean up and relax until we change partners then.”

I continued to wipe Pete clean first with the washcloth and then dried him off with the towel. He was about to put his legs down but I stopped him.

“Wait! Let me take a closer look and see how well I did first.”

“Sure!” Pete said. “This position is comfier than you might expect.”

I didn’t hesitate because I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. I just had to kiss and lick and taste my sexy freshly-shaven young man! I immediately began kissing his smooth soft taint and began licking upwards to his tender balls, with him shuddering in delight the whole time. I kissed and licked his gorgeous balls and continued licking all the way up his huge hairless cock. It looked great before, but at that point, my son’s cock was truly the tastiest hunk of meat that I had ever seen in my life.

So smooth, so huge, so clean, fresh and tasty! It was certainly the best thing I had ever had in my mouth! I proceeded to kiss and suck on that wonderful cock and I completely ignored what everyone else was doing around me. Pete moaned and shuddered beneath me, holding his legs back the entire time, with me crouching between the halo he was generating, passionately and enthusiastically sucking and stroking his amazing hunk of man meat.

Within moments, he began to convulse and cry out, “Oh I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!”

I couldn’t reply so I just answered in my mind, “Mommy’s ready for your cum, baby. Let mommy taste your cum! Give it to me!”

I continued to suck and stroke as it erupted into my mouth in huge gushes and spurts of his hot seed. My mouth couldn’t contain it all as it dripped out from the sides as I continued to go up and down on him as he came and came. As his orgasm subsided and I slowed my strokes, the reality of the class came back to me and I noticed that the rest of the class was silent.

I continued to slowly stroke him as he let go of his legs and they slowly came down to the sides of me and I could see that every eye in the classroom was on us. I popped my mouth off his cock and the room erupted in applause. I was surely blushing as I used one of the towels to dry off my face and hands as Pete used the other one to wipe up the cum that I’d dribbled all over him.

Jackie came over to us and crouched down and I was worried that we’d get in trouble for that public display of fellatio. She said excitedly, “That was super hot! You guys are signed up for the BJ competition tomorrow, right? You’ll be the couple to beat!”

“Uh,” I said, taken aback as I wiped my hands off, “BJ competition?”

“Really? You don’t know about it?” Jackie acted like it was common knowledge, whatever this contest or challenge or whatever it was.

I shook my head as did Pete as he moved to a sitting position.

“Well, there are two. There’s one for registered couples and one is for anybody goes. Either way, you’d have to get Certified to participate even if it’s only with your partner. First place winners get to choose from $100 cash to a fun-filled goodie basket to a free extra night’s stay at the resort. Let me tell you, last month’s winners weren't nearly as sexy as what you guys did here just now.”

Pete piped in excitedly, “Oh, that sounds like fun! What do you say,” he paused, looking like he was almost going to call me mom, “uh, honey?”

“Uh, well, maybe.” I didn’t know quite what to say. I was still trying to absorb the reality that I just blew my son in the midst of a crowd of people and practically earned a standing ovation for doing so.

“If you can just do that again up on stage surrounded by others doing it too, you’re practically a shoo-in for the title!”

I shrugged and Pete nodded; he definitely thought it was a great idea.

“Right after class, just go to the lab next door and get a simple blood test to get Certified. It’s so worth it!”

Pete nodded again and said, “We almost did right before class even, but there wasn’t enough time.”

“Well, there you have it!” Jackie said as she stood back up and surveyed the room. Everybody was either wrapping up their shaving or was already done and cleaning up.

Jackie addressed the class, “I see that most of you are done with the first half. I also see that some of you have already washed out your bowls and gotten a fresh supply of water and that’s exactly the right thing to do. I’ll give it five more minutes for you to finish up and change out your water before we switch partners.”

“You mean we shave someone else?” A confused woman called out.

Jackie smiled and said, “Let me clarify that. You’re not exchanging partners with someone else in class. You will be switching roles and the shaver will now become the person being shaved, i.e. the men will now be shaving the women. Got it?”

A couple of “Ahs” echoed in the crowd so it sounded like a few people were confused at her mentioning the bit about switching partners. When the time came for the next shaving step to start, I was more than a little wet with anticipation. Blowing Pete had turned me on big time.

Jackie decided to have the cute chubby little lesbian couple be the guinea pigs for the female shaving demonstration, and they were more than willing to comply. Since most of the guys in the room acted unfamiliar with shaving anything other than their own faces, they were very cautious and nervous to start with. My Pete hadn’t been shaving for very long, but he was always very confident and followed the instructions precisely.

Jackie had all of the ladies stand at first so they could all start the same way and surely so the men would have an easier time following the directions. Pete gleefully lathered me up much like I’d done to him and he slowly began to shave me, only I didn’t have an erect penis in the way. He did a surprisingly good job and he had a very steady hand the entire time.

It was a brilliant idea to have the men get shaved first so they could feel what it was like, in case genital shaving was something they were unfamiliar with. I think that helped Pete out considerably. He started out by shaving in one downward direction first to get all of my longest hairs, and then once they were all handled, he added more suds and shaved upwards.

Somehow he knew to cover up my clit with one hand while pulling the skin taught as he shaved upwards. It was almost as if he did that sort of thing every day; my son sure was a quick learner! Once that step was completed, Jackie had us lay down on our backs so that our men could shave between our legs that much easier.

Jackie instructed the ladies as to how to help the process by pulling our labia away from the sides so that the men would have an easier time shaving the harder to reach areas and therefore have less of a chance of nicking our sensitive pussy lips. I didn’t have a lot of hair around my asshole, but Jackie’s instructions included how to safely shave around our delicate assholes and Pete was gung-ho about shaving me absolutely everywhere he could.

He definitely did a better job than I could have done on my own. He was so diligent and careful that I didn’t get a single cut the entire time. I grabbed one of the washcloths to wash myself off when he was done, but he insisted on doing that himself as well and I was more than happy to let him pamper me. Pete washed off all of the suds and as he started to dry me, he knelt very close and licked one large swath over my pussy with his tongue.

I shuddered and said, “Ooooh, that’s goooood.”

He did it again, with a larger section of his tongue and I shuddered once more. I certainly didn’t want him to stop!

“Oh, I like that!” I cooed to him appreciatively.

He set the towel down and began to lick my pussy both passionately and wantonly. I purred and moaned beneath his loving licks as he deftly twiddled my clit and licked all the way down to my freshly shaved asshole and then back to my clit again. After a few trips of his tongue, I couldn’t contain my lust any longer; I grasped his head to hold him steadfastly to my clit and told him to lick there as I proceeded to buck and moan beneath his luxuriously lapping tongue.

I guess that being turned on for such an extended time had really gotten to me and the fact that it was my son doing it–and doing a damn good job at it too might I add–I knew that I was getting closer to one whopper of an orgasm!

“Oh, baby! Baby, right there!” I squealed as he picked up his pace and licked powerful swirls around my sensitive and welcoming clitoris.

“Oh, baby! I’m almost there! Keep licking there!” After just a few more gasps, I felt the beginning waves of orgasm begin to roll over me as I thrust his head even firmer into my pussy. He licked as I threw my head back against the blue mat; the powerful orgasm swept over me like a tsunami of pleasure. I gasped as I thrust up my hips into his face as wave after wave of orgasmic glee washed over me.

I couldn’t say anything coherent since I could only squeal and gasp with delight as the best orgasm in recent memory continued to pulsate within me as he properly licked me the entire time I was coming. Oh god, it was fantastic! I could only lie there once the orgasm subsided as I gasped for breath while his licking slowed down and finally stopped. If people watched us that time around, I really didn’t give a shit anymore if they did or not. I was just a weak puddle of female goo on the blue mat who could barely open up her eyes let alone move.

I could hear a man ask Pete, “Do you think my wife and I could film you two doing stuff like that? You’re the sexiest couple that either of us have ever seen!”

I didn’t have the strength to answer but I could hear Pete respond, “I didn’t think they allowed cameras inside the resort?”

The man chuckled and replied, “Oh, we have our ways!”

The interested man introduced himself as Jack Simmons, 84L, which Pete said to me later was likely near Ruth’s room. I think he mentioned that his wife’s name was Barbara, but I couldn’t have been certain since I was still coming down from one simply amazing orgasm. Getting my bearings back somewhat, I was polite to the man and told him that we’d keep them in mind if we were interested and he was nice enough to leave it at that.

The class was over and most everyone else had either cleaned up and left, or were still in the process of doing so. As we were cleaning up our stations and putting the things away in the places that Jackie had told us to, she came over and encouraged us again to sign up for the oral sex competition. I was still a little unsure, but Pete thought that it would be a great idea.

She reminded us that we would have to get certified, but that the lab was right next door and the best time to do so would be right after we departed the class. I’d already figured that we’d be doing that anyway, but seeing Jackie so enthusiastic for us would have certainly swayed me had I still been undecided. Pete and I gave each other one last wipe down before we dropped off our towels in the cleaning bin and headed off back to the lab.

Chapter 8

It was just a little after 1:00 PM and the lab was slightly busier than the previous time we were there. I was expecting to see Miss Grumpy Pants behind the counter again, but it was actually an older lady, probably in her late 50’s to early 60’s. She had a short spiky haircut and a big friendly smile on her face. She was practically the polar opposite to the previous lab technician.

“Hi there,” she said warmly, “how can I help you?”

“We’re looking to get certified,” Pete replied confidently.

“Great! Just sign in with your thumb on this touchpad here, and we’ll call your name when it’s your turn!”

Pete registered first and then I did, which took just a matter of seconds for each of us. At first, I thought the whole thumb-scan thing was an invasion of privacy, but the more I did it, the more I liked how quick and easy it was. If it was a portent for the future, that is, a future where you didn’t have to mess around with bothersome ID cards and what not, I’d actually have been okay with it. Note to self: Don’t let anybody cut off my thumbs!

Pete and I sat next to each other and rather than bothering to read one of the lackluster magazine options, we just leaned into one other and snuggled as we waited. Almost absent-mindedly, my hand wandered over his groin and I gently rubbed his newly smooth and clean-shaven areas wherein he immediately started to get another erection.

One of the men seated across from us that had been reading a newspaper noticed us and frowned in a somewhat jealous way. The woman next to him was completely oblivious as she flipped through her own fashion magazine. I smirked at the irony of reading about fashionable garments while at a resort where you weren't allowed to wear anything at all, let alone high fashion.

While I was rubbing him, Pete started to get a little touchy-feely with me as well and began to casually rub my breasts and slowly started his hand down towards my freshly shorn pussy right when Pete’s name was called. Aw, damn!

A few minutes later and before he came back out, my own name was called. They must have gotten another doctor on duty, because I distinctly remembered there being only one mentioned earlier. By Jove, the stall I was called to was staffed by the same stoic woman who had played receptionist earlier.

The chair that I was supposed to sit in was different than the rest of the resort’s normal seating, which I was told later were antimicrobial in design (whatever that was supposed to mean), but this particular chair looked sort of like one you’d sit in at a dentist, yet the seat was covered with what appeared to be a fresh sheet of butcher paper. She motioned for me to both sit and register again at a mini thumbprint terminal to verify my identity. They were certainly thorough there!

“So, a complete Certification right…Mrs…Robertson?” The woman looked at the monitor to verify my name, never once showing an ounce of emotion or warmth.

“That’s why I’m here!”

The woman printed out some labels and set them aside.

“Which arm would you prefer for the blood draw,” she asked robotically.

“Uh, left I suppose.”

She took my left arm, wrapped a surgical tube around it and began to tap around in a couple of spots until she found a spot she liked. She wiped that spot with a moist cotton ball and I closed my eyes when I saw the needle coming towards me and held my breath. All I felt was some pressure—it didn’t actually hurt. What a pleasant surprise!

Within just a few seconds, she had two little vials filled up with a familiar red liquid and then she removed the needle. She quickly used another cotton ball and taped it down over the needle wound to stop any possible blood from leaking out. She may not have had the best people skills, but she certainly knew her craft! She placed two of the labels that she’d printed out on the small vials and placed them on a small rack to the side of her.

“Almost done, now I just need a couple of vaginal swabs.”

“Uh, vaginal swabs?” I didn’t recall anyone mentioning anything other than a blood draw.

“It’s very simple, if you could just spread your legs for me.”

“But…don’t you want to buy me a drink first?”

The woman snorted and hit her arm on the counter and then began laughing outright.

“I’ve heard that one before, but you really sold it!”

Hey! The woman was human after all! She was still chuckling when she approached me with two swabs attached to sticks. I just held my legs apart and let her do whatever she needed to do.

“Oh, bless you,” she said, sounding relieved, “you’re all nice and wet. That makes my job so much easier!”

She dabbed both swabs between my labia and had gotten them instantly wet.

“It’s so hard to get a really good sample from a dry vagina!”

I hadn’t thought about it, but I must have been making myself wetter than I’d thought while I was playing around with Pete in the waiting room. She made it sound like it was actually beneficial! She took the swabs and rubbed the contents on the insides of two petri dishes and then labeled them as well.

“And we’re done! You should have the results back within a few hours. A message will be sent to your profile when the results are tabulated. Be sure to avoid any sexual activity until then.”

I nodded and thanked her.

“Oh, and say hi to Mr. Sneeches for me, eh?”

I chuckled and told her that I would. Pete was already in the waiting room by the time I was done. He thought it was funny when I described my encounter with the lady we’d met earlier. He described his ordeal as odd; that the guy used a couple of swabs to dab inside the tip of his penis. He said it didn’t hurt, but it did feel weird, especially with another guy holding his dick to do it. Pete didn’t know what they were checking for either, but we were both fairly certain that we’d pass with flying colors and we’d be able to proudly display those red & black Sneech marks on our hands. The clock in the hallway read 1:40.

“Well Petey, what do you feel like doing?”

He smiled devilishly and replied, “The doctor said I shouldn’t have sex until they get the test results back.”

I laughed and said, “She told me the same thing!”

“I’d say we should look into those contests that the shaving instructor talked about,” Pete said, glancing around as we slowly walked down the corridor past the G rooms, “but I think we have to already be officially Certified for that too.”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind having some lunch!”

I nodded. “I’m not terribly hungry actually, but I could definitely have something to eat to tide me over until dinner time.”

“After lunch, would you like to go out and explore the resort grounds?”

“Sounds good to me,” I said as I held his hand and we proceeded to make our way back to the dining lounge.

The lunch buffet that was laid out was a build-your-own-sandwich buffet. I made myself a turkey on whole wheat while Pete made an overflowing meatball sub covered with mozzarella. If he didn’t keep himself so fit and wasn't as young and healthy as he was, I would have surely given him grief for his food selections. We chatted about all sorts of stuff as we ate, well I should say, as I ate while he gorged.

What really surprised me was that there was no awkwardness between us—really, none! I couldn’t recall the last time when he acted so comfortable around me, like I was more like his girlfriend of many years as opposed to his mother. In a way, I was sort of both at the same time, and it made me feel extra warm and fuzzy on the inside.

I suppose I was daydreaming there for a spell when he asked, “So, are you really up for entering any of those contests if we pass?”

“Hmm? Oh, uh, I’m not sure.”

“Well, you can’t tell me you’d have performance anxiety after what we did in the shaving class earlier.”

I already felt like a celebrity by the way people reacted around us. People were constantly smiling and waving to us like we were stars anyway. One younger woman had approached me while I was building my sandwich, whom I’d recognized from the class and she said, “You guys are awesome by the way—I just had to tell you that!”

I responded to Pete, “No, it really isn’t that, it’s just that I’d be worried they’d try to split us up. I’d only want to do that sort of thing with you, Certified or otherwise.”

Pete nodded as he took another bite, sauce oozing out the sides of his messy sandwich.

“Well, lookie who’s here,” a female voice said from behind.

It was Ruth!

“Rhonda and…Pete Robertson or should I say Dixon?” She looked over at Pete and winked.

I set down my sandwich, which I was pretty much finished with anyway and asked, “Dixon?”

Pete smirked and said with his mouth full, “Remember from the comic last night…Dick-Son? Actually, I think I said Cock-Son.”

Ruth grinned and laughed. The notion occurred to me to make mention of his manners, but I refrained. I chuckled too and looked up to Ruth who was standing right next to me so she wouldn’t be in the way of passers-by.

“You two are the most famous new couple here. I heard about this amazing couple that put on the hottest, sexiest display at the sensual shaving class this morning, and when the lady described this couple to me, my jaw just about hit the floor!”

Ruth noticed the cotton ball still taped to my left arm.

“You’re getting Certified!” She squealed.

Ruth then began to bounce up and down and clap her hands like an excited cheerleader. I could see out of the corner of my eyes that Pete was grinning as he watched her boobs bounce up and down. I certainly couldn’t blame him, since they were at our eye level. Ruth even bumped into me as she did it. She definitely liked getting close to people! I didn’t mind one bit, actually. In fact, had I been a lesbian, Ruth would have definitely been my type. There was just something so bubbly and infectiously joyful about her, that I couldn’t help but smile and laugh amicably.

“You’re going to enter some of the contests, right?” Ruth asked as she stopped bouncing for a moment.

“We’re definitely thinking about it,” Pete said after finishing up a huge bite that he’d been working on.

“Oh, if you do, let me know because my husband and I would love to join up with you guys for any of the four-person events!”

“Four…four person events?” I stammered, wondering what that could possibly mean.

“Oh, they’re not all sexual mind you, just the best ones!” Ruth looked at Pete and winked again.

Pete laughed out loud.

“Is this the couple you were telling me about?” questioned a man as he approached Ruth from behind.

“Rhonda, Pete, this is my husband, Jack!”

Pete politely stood up to shake his hand. Jack looked to be nearly forty and was in great shape for his age. I recalled Ruth saying that she was older than her husband, but I would have guessed that he was older than she was. He sported a close-cut mustache and trim goatee that was beginning to show a few distinguished flecks of gray. Even though he was sporting thin facial hair, his pubes were completely shaved like Ruth’s, much like Pete and I were as well. Having no pubic hair at all was definitely the status quo at Sunshine Valley.

“Well, I have some good news to report,” boasted Jack.

“We can stay?” Ruth held her breath and quickly crossed her fingers.

“I was able to extend our vacation until Wednesday!”

Ruth shrieked with joy and threw her arms around her husband. Everyone else in the vicinity looked over to see what the ruckus was about.

“I take it you approve, honey?”

Instead of responding, Ruth passionately kissed her husband on the lips and began to fondle his balls. I couldn’t help but notice that Jack began to get aroused by this as his own penis started to slowly extend. I quickly glanced over at Pete and he smirked back at me, which seemed to be a common expression between us of late.

“Pete and Rhonda were just agreeing to be our teammates for any four player events this weekend, weren’t you guys?” Rhonda said out of breath, once she finished kissing her husband.

“Uh?” I looked over at Pete quizzically.

Ruth looked over at Pete too and nodded emphatically, “Weren’t you, Mr. Robertson?”

“Oh, absolutely,” Pete replied confidently, “if we enter into any four-person events, you two will most definitely be our teammates!”

“Yay!” Ruth giggled and clapped, doing her cheerleader bounce again. Jack just smiled and chuckled quietly; evidently happy to see his wife so pleased.

“We just have to wait for the Certification results,” Pete said as he pushed away the plate containing the last remnants of his lunch, silently implying that he was finally full. I wiped my mouth and folded up my napkin then placed it on the table.

“Jack and I were going to go out to see the lagoon, want to come with?” Ruth grinned.

“Uh, Pete and I were planning on taking a stroll around the grounds, actually. We haven’t been outside of the main complex yet.”

“Ooooh! We know where everything is! Let Jack and I give you a guided tour!”

I shrugged and looked over to Pete.

“Works for me,” Pete said as he stood up and took one last sip of his drink before leaving the table.

I stood up too and dusted the crumbs from my lap, still amused that I didn’t have to adjust any clothing. I was by then so used to being naked and seeing everyone else naked that even people (most likely new arrivals) who were wearing towels around their waists stood out like sore thumbs.

“Lead the way,” I gestured to the Richmonds as we departed the lounge area together.

Chapter 9

The Richmonds led us down the entry corridor then out past the huge pool and spa area. The weather was warm and wonderful and it just occurred to me that even though we’d been naked practically since we’d gotten there, I hadn’t been cold once. There were people lounging out in the sun on lounge chairs almost everywhere. They ran the gamut from young to old, thin to chubby, stark white and covered with sunscreen to dark bronze without a tan line anywhere. Almost all of the women and easily half of the men had completely shaved pubes. There were more than a few bohemian girls sporting thick armpit hair and they were evidently proud of their wild jungle bushes.

I half expected to hear kids running and splashing in the pool until I reminded myself of the age requirement to even be allowed in. Not knowing how long we’d be outside, I had everyone stop at one of the sunscreen dispensers so Pete and I could apply the UV-protective lotion on each other. Ruth and Jack looked like they’d been outside their entire time there and were sporting beautiful tans already.

Pete liked me rubbing him all over and even started to sport a little bit of wood himself, which only made me start to get those all-too-familiar tingling sensations in return. After we were sunscreened up, they led us first to a gate that was sporting a large sign displaying the black-on-red diamond insignia that I immediately recognized as the Certified symbol.

“As soon as you guys get your clearance stamps, you’ll have access to this area—and it is awesome!” Ruth said, ending on a musical note.

“What’s back there?” Pete inquired.

“Well,” Ruth began gesturing in the air, “there are about four spas and one pool that’s quite a bit smaller than that big one over there, but the real reason why it’s so cool is that there are no restrictions as to having sex in and around them.”

I glanced back at the main pool area and there wasn't a single person doing anything truly inappropriate. “So, it’s just a hedonistic free-for-all?” I asked. I wasn't sure if I was either intrigued or apprehensive about the idea.

“Well,” Ruth continued, “it is split into two subsections; the couples section and the Swingles section.”

“Did you say singles or swingers?” I furrowed my brow.

“They actually call it Swingles—the swinging singles section. That’s for people who came with a partner but like to change it up. There’s actually a whole part of the sign-in agreement for this place that specifically pertains to this section.”

“Seriously? We were too tired to read all of the fine print when we signed up.”

“Yeah, it says that all sexual activity in the zone must be consensual and do not participate in any such events there if you’re worried about the sanctity of your marriage because this place refuses to be held accountable for your pending divorce.”

“Ah,” Pete sighed, “I do recall reading something like that but it didn’t make any sense at the time.”

Jack just nodded, seemingly content to let his wife do all the talking, which she definitely took great pride in doing.

“In any case, you can’t get in until you get that magic stamp on your hand.”

Pete nodded, “Our Sneech stamps.”

“Sneech stamps?” It was Ruth’s turn to be confused now. “What’s a Sneech stamp?”

“That’s what my m…” Pete paused for a second. “…my wife and I have been calling them.”

I could tell exactly what Pete was about to refer to me as but he caught himself in time.

“I don’t get it, what’s a Sneech stamp?” Ruth looked back and forth between us.

“Sounds like something from Dr. Seuss,” chimed in Jack.

“Exactly!” Pete pointed at Jack, impressed that he made the connection.

Ruth still didn’t seem to get it but she shrugged and said, “Uh, okay! Once you get your..uh..Sneech stamps, you can come back here. Jack and I would be more than happy to join you, right, honey?”


Ruth took the lead and we went down a slightly inclined path. We were all barefoot, but the surface of the pavement was coated with a squishy gray material that was comfortable to walk on and not at all slippery. I noticed that the more the path inclined, the thicker the bumps were on it. Ruth paused at the entrance to a flat curved path that was covered with the same type of material.

“This is one of the entrances to the Mile.” She said, displaying it as if she were Vanna White revealing a letter on the board.

“It’s a mile long, I take it?” I asked rhetorically.

“Yep, you can run, jog, or walk it. They don’t allow bikes on it though. There’s a dirt bike trail down out that way. You can’t see the bike barn from here because of all the trees in the way. They’ll let you walk on the dirt trail if you want, but I don’t recommend doing that barefoot. It’s not all nice and squishy like the Mile path is.”

“It’s all covered with this material then?” Pete asked as he jumped up and down on it to test it out.

“Yep, they must have made it with us barefoot nudists in mind!” Ruth grinned back at him and I could definitely tell that she was watching his handsome cock flop up and down as he tested out the bounce factor of the walkway. Well, he did watch her boobs bouncing up and down earlier, so I guess it was only fair.

“It’s made from recycled tires,” interjected the normally quiet Jack.

“He doesn’t talk much, but my Jack is a wealth of knowledge!” Ruth beamed.

“I’m more than happy to let Ruth do all the talking,” Jack smiled back.

“I’ve trained him very well!” Ruth said, still grinning.

Pete and I both chuckled at that.

“Want to see the lagoon?” Ruth said, rubbing her hands together.

“Sure!” Pete and I both said in tandem.

We walked off the rubber-coated path and out from under the canopy of trees that surrounded the Mile and down onto a large grassy area that sloped downhill slightly. There were more than a few people basking in the sun on large spread-out beach towels. One cute couple was even having a picnic and they were feeding fruit to each other. It was almost too adorable.

The grassy area continued to slant and got steeper and steeper as we curved around part of the hill and I could finally see the lagoon that they’d been talking about. It was really the size of a small lake, and there were ducks everywhere! We were all relatively quiet as we surveyed the area.

There were signs everywhere that read, “Do not swim in the lagoon.”

Adhered below each of those signs were added-on parts that must have been hand made that read, “Don’t do it—you could get a bacterial infection and covered in duck shit.” Evidently the “Please” part of the sign wasn’t enough for some people.

“Get an infection AND covered in duck shit?” Pete exclaimed loudly and sarcastically. “Sounds like fun, let’s do it!” He pretended to start running toward the lagoon like he was ready to jump in but then pulled away still many feet away from the edge.

“Still, on any given day, there’s always some asshole or drunk person who will jump in anyway,” Ruth told us. “What they don’t say is that if you do go into the water and get caught, you’ll lose your Certified status if you already have it.”

“I’m fine with just the pool, thank you,” I said, shaking my head.

“What about those paddle boats?” Pete said, pointing to the other side of the lagoon where there was a little enclosure with a bunch of swan-shaped boats inside.

“I think they only have someone running those on the weekends or during their party week events,” Ruth shrugged.

“This isn’t a party week, I take it?” Pete said as he squinted, standing where the sun was right in his eyes.

Ruth thought about it for a moment and said, “I think the next party week is the week of July 4th--today’s Friday, right?”

Ruth looked at her husband and he nodded then she turned back to Pete, “I’m sure they’ll be running tomorrow.”

“I bet you guys know more about this place than a lot of the staff does!” I said, impressed with just how informative Ruth was.

“Well,” she replied proudly, “Jack and I do spend at least a week here every year.”

Pete jumped in, “How long have you guys been coming here?”

Ruth looked at her husband and said, “Oh, five or six years now.”

He looked back at her and nodded amicably and added, “We love it here!”

Pete clapped his hands, “So, have you guys used the bike trail before?”

Ruth replied, “We haven’t yet this trip, but we have in the past. It’s really bumpy though and my cooch is always sore afterwards.”

“Wow,” Pete smiled devilishly, “I didn’t know you could have sex on a bicycle!”

All of us laughed heartily at that one. My Pete sure was a jokester!

“That would be really hard to do!” Ruth chuckled.

“How would you even be able to balance?” I asked.

Jack actually had a response, “On a bicycle built for screw!”

We all laughed again.

“In any case,” Ruth said, pointing down the path that led past the lagoon, “the bike trail is out that way. You see that little shack way over there? That’s where you get the bikes. I don’t recommend going there barefoot. As you can see, the grass ends at the lagoon and it’s all dirt and gravel after that.”

“They’ll let you bring socks and shoes past the locker rooms?” Pete asked incredulously.

“Oh yeah, you just have to tell the attendant that you’re only going to wear them outside.” Ruth nodded, “I couldn’t imagine going bike riding or playing tennis without shoes.”

“They have a tennis court?” Pete piped up excitedly. He did love to play tennis. He often watched the high profile tennis events like Wimbledon on TV whenever he had the opportunity.

“Oh, yeah,” Ruth said, pointing back towards the main complex area, “It’s on the other side of the main building that way. There’s a path that leads around to them.”

“Them? How many courts do they have?” Pete looked very interested now.

“Well, one solely for tennis now. They retrofitted the other one a couple of years ago with that bouncy rubber coating so people could play volleyball and badminton comfortably barefoot. They used to have a volleyball net on this grassy area up here, but too many times, someone would miss the ball and it would roll down the hill and into the lagoon and it would take forever trying to fish it back out again and then you’d have to wash the duck shit off it unless a couple of people would stand down here and be goalies or whatever while the others played.”

“Awesome, I love volleyball too!” Pete said beaming, “This place just gets better and better!”

“Now you know why we come here so often!” Ruth grinned back and smacked him playfully on the arm.

We wandered around the grounds for a while longer and milled around at the lagoon so Ruth could watch the ducks go diving in the water. Ruth and Jack then led us over to the tennis court area at Pete’s behest. There was one couple playing badminton and two others playing a four-person tennis match with another two couples watching, or possibly waiting their turn since they had shoes on and tennis equipment in hand.

Pete walked over to the waiting couples and asked, “Is there a sign-up sheet?”

The balding guy on the end of the bench replied to him, “There’s usually no wait at all, actually. We arrived at the same time as this other couple here so we decided we’ll all play doubles like they’re doing.”

Pete nodded and said, “So it’s not normally this busy?”

“Oh goodness, no,” the man smiled, “I run into people that have been coming here for years that don’t even know this court is back here!”

“Do you have to bring your own equipment or do they have a place where you can rent them out?”

“Well, my wife and I have our own that we bring from home, but they do have ones you can rent from the maintenance office just over that way.”

Pete nodded again and said, “Thanks for the info and good luck on your game!”

Both the man and his wife said, “Thanks!”

Ruth and Jack were chuckling while watching the badminton players. Whenever the shuttlecock would head towards the woman, she would let out a high-pitched shriek and start swinging at it wildly before it even got close to her. It was pretty funny to see. The fact that she could actually hit it back to the man most of the time while doing this was what was most amusing. After getting our fill of the court antics, we headed back around the building and through the trees to where the main pool area was.

“I wouldn’t mind a dip in the pool, actually,” declared Pete.

“And I wouldn’t mind relaxing in the sun on one of those lounge chairs,” I replied.

Jack spoke up, “I still have to make a few calls to the office and let a couple of my staff members know that I won’t be back in until the end of the week. They’ll have to reschedule a few of my appointments for me.”

Ruth nodded, “Well, I’ll just be lounging out here with my BFF Rhonda then!”

I chuckled at her calling me her BFF as Jack departed for the locker rooms. Pete had already disappeared from my side and was halfway into the pool before I noticed where he’d gone off to. Ruth went off to obtain some beach towels for us while I staked out an open spot where there were two lounge chairs next to each other. I couldn’t see a clock anywhere, but judging by where the sun was, I’d guessed that it was somewhere between 3:30 and 4:00. We likely wouldn’t have our results back from the blood test until closer to five. Not only did Ruth return with beach towels slung over her shoulder, she also came bearing two golden beverages laced with small wedges of fruit stuck around the rim.

“I hope you like pineapple,” she said, handing one of the drinks to me as she set the other one down on a little table next to the lounge chairs I’d claimed for us.

“I love pineapple!” I squealed.

“I figured as much. I remember seeing some pineapple rinds on your plate. Now this is one of their signature drinks here.”

“Oooh! What’s in it?”

“Pineapple juice, rum, peach schnapps, and some other fruit juices, I’m sure; it’s called Sex in the Sun!”

I took a sip from the red straw and was instantly in heaven.

“You like it?” Ruth was eagerly awaiting my approval.

“Like is not a strong enough word—it’s an orgasm in a glass!”

Ruth laughed and said, “I’ll take that as a yes!”

Ruth rolled out one of the towels on the lounge chair closest to her and I took the other towel and rolled it out on mine.

“Don’t lie down yet,” Ruth said as she turned and scampered over to the nearest suntan lotion dispenser and filled one of her hands up with way more lotion than one person could ever need.

She came over to me and said, “Hold out your hands,” which I did and she dispensed a considerable amount of her supply into them.

“Okay, now turn around so I can get your back and then I’ll need you to get mine,” she said authoritatively. Pete and I had doused ourselves earlier with suntan lotion, but certainly not enough to risk outright full-body tanning with. Ruth began rubbing the lotion on my upper and lower back while I rubbed more into my front, especially my pale white boobs.

“We don’t want this cute butt here to get burned now, do we?” Ruth crouched behind me while rubbing my butt.

I could have felt shy or inhibited, but since I left that part of me back in the lobby, I decided to enjoy her comforting touch instead. I hadn’t been touched so gently and affectionately in quite some time. Pete was gentle and all when he’d shaved me earlier, but there was just something so nice and sensual about how Ruth was rubbing the lotion into me. I tried to think about the last time a woman had touched my naked skin thusly and even though I had some fun times with a couple of my girlfriends in college before I’d married Pete’s father, I couldn’t remember anything like it. Ruth massaged the lotion into my butt with firm yet soft rubs and it felt really, really good. So good in fact, that I couldn’t help but get a little bit turned on by it.

“You get the front of your legs and I’ll get the backs,” said Ruth as she moved down to my upper legs.

I did as she requested, which literally put my ass in her face as it bumped into her as I bent over.

“Oh, sorry,” I said sheepishly.

“Don’t be,” she assured me, “I can now see some spots I missed.”

She moved back up to my ass and actually rubbed lotion between my cheeks and around my asshole, which I couldn’t help but shiver and twitch at her touch. She also rubbed some just to the sides of my pussy which she could surely see quite well too.

“Too bad we weren't back in the Certified area…” she said, pausing.

“Why is that?” I questioned, still bent over and panting slightly.

“Then I could do a lot more than just put lotion on you,” she purred.

“Ruth, you are so naughty!” I whispered as loudly as I could dare to.

“And Rhonda my dear, you can’t possibly tell me that you aren’t excited by that idea. You are so wet, you are simply dripping!”

“Is it that obvious?” I asked nervously.

She held out her right hand so that I could see it better and said, “See these two fingers? They have more of your juice on them than suntan lotion now.”

“Oh!” I said, not sure what my response should be. I was forming an apology when she put her hand up to her mouth and licked the ends of the fingers she’d displayed that were saturated with my glistening dew.

“Mmm, you taste better than any lotion could any day!”

I quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching us and everyone else seemed to be occupied with whatever they were doing or were being very discreet with their observations.

I stood up as casually as I could and whispered to her again, “What if someone saw you do that, wouldn’t we get in trouble?”

Ruth grinned back at me and replied, “It’s not like I put my mouth directly on your pussy.”

“No, I mean, yeah, but not that, I mean I haven’t officially passed the Certification yet!”

“I have complete faith that you will,” she smiled reassuringly. “Besides, if you don’t pass then I’ll just get tested again. Even if you had some terrible disease, the odds of me catching it from a few drops of your pussy juice are pretty slim.”

Unless I’d caught something off a toilet seat somewhere, I was as clean as a person could be. My love life since Pete’s father had passed was pretty much non-existent. I’d devoted my life to my work and taking care of Pete, so I never let romance have an opportunity to blossom.

“Alright, sweet-cheeks,” Ruth said as she gave me a playful slap on my butt, “it’s my turn!” She turned around and had me first rub the last little bit of lotion that I still had onto her back.

“I must be simply covered with lotion now because I don’t have any more to put on your back,” I said, mystified that we’d already used up that huge pile of sunscreen.

“Well, I’m certainly not going to let that pretty white skin of yours get sunburned on my watch!”

I chuckled and asked, “So am I pretty, white, or pretty white?”

“Uh,” Ruth paused trying to comprehend my question, “all of the above? I meant that as a compliment, you know. You must obviously know how attractive you are.”

“Why, thank you,” I felt myself blushing a little at her saying that, “that means a lot to me, actually, especially since you’re in a lot better shape than I am.”

“I guess we’re just a couple of hot sexy MILFs then, eh?” Ruth smiled over her shoulder at me trying to use what little lotion I had left on her upper back.

“Don’t you know it!” I smiled back. “I need to get more lotion, actually.”

Ruth nodded and I trotted over to the nearest dispenser that still had some lotion in it, since the one closest to us was either empty or out of order. Ruth sipped her drink while standing and watching me the whole time with a naughty grin on her face.

“What?” I asked innocently.

“Oh, nothing,” she smiled deviously.

“Ruuuuuth…” I said, mock scorningly.

“I’ll tell you once you’re officially Certified.”

“Oh, that's just cruel!”

“Rhonda, you’re already so turned on by us simply trading suntan lotion, I just couldn’t.”

“Try me.”

“Well, I know my Jack just loves to watch girls, you know, playing with each other…”

“Okay…?” I was wondering just where she was going with her line of reasoning.

“…and I was curious if your Pete was the same way.”

“You know, I’m not sure, actually. I’ll have to ask him.”

“Do you two ever watch any porn together?”

I couldn’t help but stifle a chuckle.

“What?” Ruth asked, not sure how she should interpret my reaction.

“You must think of Pete and me as these paragons of sexuality.”

Ruth either didn’t hear me or didn’t exactly know what I meant.

“A pair of what sexually?”

I chuckled again as lightly as I could as I proceeded to rub lotion lower along her back.

“I mean, you heard about us at the Randy Andy thing and then from this morning at the shaving class,” I said.

“I so wish that I was there!” Ruth interrupted.

I laughed out loud without holding back that time, “I bet! The guy next to us at the class told us he wished he had his video camera so he could have recorded it.”

“Oh, I hear of people trying to sneak in cell phones and stuff like that all the time. I’ve also heard of some real troublemakers that got kicked out of the resort just last week for trying to secretly film people having sex in the Certified area.”

I was finished with her lower back.

“Wow, that's crazy! You want me to get your butt too?”

“You bet I do!” Ruth said excitedly.

“Here, I’ll make it easier for you,” she said as she bent over like I had done for her.

Without hesitating, I began to grasp and fondle her ass as I rubbed lotion into it much like she had done to me.

“Oh Rhonda, that feels amazing. I just love having my ass played with!”

Goodness! There was that informal nature of hers again! I was getting a really good view of her asshole—which was so smooth and blemish-free that it almost didn’t look natural—as well as her smooth-shaved pussy. I could tell she was getting wet too–make that getting wetter. I never thought of myself as being bisexual or even bi-curious for that matter, but I easily imagined myself burying my mouth into that attractive pussy of hers and just licking for all I was worth.

Had we been in the Certified area where that sort of thing was evidently allowed, I very likely would have. Hey, just a few hours before, I blew my own son and even tasted his cum to the delight of a few dozen onlookers, so I was sure that a little bit of oral sex exchanged between this sexy woman and myself was very well within the realm of possibility. Hell, I bet if we were back there right then, we’d have had our mouths buried in each other’s pussies, likely to the delight of whomever would be around to watch. I continued to rub lotion in and around that adorable ass of hers and she made a sound almost like a cat in heat.

“Oh my god, Rhonda, I’m not sure if I can wait for your results to come back! I am so fucking turned on right now!”

“Looks like you two are enjoying yourselves,” a voice came from behind me. It was Pete! I turned around to see him drying off as he approached us.

“I thought you’d still be in the pool,” I said, slightly embarrassed, certain that he must have heard what Ruth had just said.

“I got really thirsty, actually. Are those drinks any good?” He motioned to where our Sex in the Sun glasses sat, half-consumed on the little table nearby.

“Amazing, but they have alcohol in them,” I replied, feeling bad that he wasn't old enough to legally drink one yet.

“Maybe they can make a virgin one,” Pete replied hopefully.

Ruth stood up and grinned toothily, “Pete my boy, virgin isn’t a word you hear much around these parts, at least not for long!”

We all laughed.

“You don’t like alcohol, Pete?”

“Oh, it’s not that; I’m just not twenty-one yet is all.”

Ruth scowled at me playfully and said, “You dog! He isn’t even old enough to drink yet?” She then smacked me lightly on the arm. She certainly did like to smack people, especially me!

Ruth then leaned in closer and said conspiratorially, “You can have the rest of mine if you want—I can go get a new one!”

“I’m tempted and all, but I’ll play it safe and get a soda or something. Thanks for the offer though!”

“You got it, Mr. Dixon!” Ruth winked.

“The name’s Cockson, but I actually like the sound of Dixon better anyway,” Pete winked back.

“Oooh, is your first name Big?” Ruth asked, feigning like she was a swooning fangirl.

“Close, the name’s Rock–which is short for Rockhard Dixon.”

“Oh, Rockhard!” Ruth said with a flourish and raised the back of her hand to her forehead and acted like she was feeling faint.

I laughed at these two silly flirts and butted in, “Pete, why don’t you go grab something to drink—without alcohol—and check on our Certified status while you’re at it?”

Pete stood at attention and saluted militarily, “Yes, ma’am!”

His cock was definitely not soft either. It wasn’t fully erect, but I could tell that he was getting interested. Ruth was horny enough already, and she had been more than obvious in regards to her sexual interest in my son. Pete trotted off and Ruth gave me that look of mock jealousy once again.

“Not even twenty-one yet, you lucky broad, you!”

I laughed really hard, “Broad? Who calls anyone a broad anymore? I’ve been called a bitch plenty of times, but broad? That takes the cake!”

Ruth chuckled too, “Alright, you lucky bitch, then. That better?”

“Nah, I kind of like broad now that I think about it—it makes me feel like we’re in the 1950’s or something.”

We joked back and forth as we sat down and then stretched out on our lounge chairs next to each other. We spent the next who-knows-how-many minutes chatting about all sorts of stuff from what life must have been like in the 50’s to our own lives and families. Ruth and Jack had been together for many years and would like to have had kids, but she had gotten a bad infection when she was little and was told that the likelihood of her having kids was very slim.

I told her all about my husband without letting her know that he was actually Pete’s father. I was fairly vague with her about Pete simply in case he wanted to fabricate some story on his own and would need me to vouch for it. Pete finally came back, but instead of carrying a beverage in his hand, he had a fresh red and black diamond stamp emblazoned on the back of it!

“Good job, Pete,” I said, somewhat annoyed, “why didn’t you come get me so we could go together?”

“I waited in line at the lab to check on your results because I couldn’t access yours at a panel, only my own. They still wouldn’t let me know your results, but once I was there, I figured I may as well just go ahead and get my Sneech stamp.”

“Why couldn’t you get my results too?”

Oh shit, did that mean I didn’t pass?

“Ah,” Ruth said, understandingly, “I forgot to mention that you can only access your own personal lab results. They keep that stuff private, even between spouses.”

I sighed, slightly relieved.

Well, you’re not off the hook, bucko,” I said, pointing at Pete accusingly.

“What?” He said in an exasperated tone.

“Now you have to go with me back to the lab so I can hopefully get my own Sneech stamp.”

“You know where it is. Why can’t I relax here while you do it?”

“Because maybe I want your company,” I said, not letting him even try to argue by grabbing his hand and pulling him off in the direction of the lab. There was no way I was going to let Pete be all alone with a ravenous cougar without my being there to protect him now that he had that new insignia of sexual purity.

For all I knew, they’d both be gone by the time I’d gotten back and would be off somewhere in the Certified area doing who knows what with each other. I wouldn’t have put that past either one of them right then.

“I’ll just wait here then!” Ruth called out somewhat dejectedly as we scampered off.

Once we were out of earshot, Pete asked me, “You just wanted my company, eh?”

“Of course,” I said matter-of-factly.

“It wasn’t because you were worried that Ruth and I would start playing ‘let’s put sunscreen on each other’ like you did?”

“You think I’d want to get sunburned at a nudist resort? That would be awful!”

“Oh, indeed,” he sardonically agreed.


“What what?”

“What’s with the ‘tude, dude?”

“You want to know what made me get out of the pool early?”

“What did?”

“When one of the other guys in the pool whispered to me and said, ‘Hey, check out those hot MILFs lathering each other up!’”


“Evidently I was the only one actually swimming. Pretty much everyone else in the pool was watching you and Ruth perform.”

“That figures!”

By then, we were at the door to the lab due to our fast pace. There were two other people in line in front of us that we had to wait for. Pete wanted to sit, but I was a stickler and had him stand with me in line. Finally, it was my turn.

It was yet another woman behind the counter who addressed me, “Can I help you?”

I told her that my lab results were in and I needed to get confirmation. She had me sign in with my thumb and she checked the results on her private screen.

“Let me see, it looks like you’re eligible for the waterproof stamp, or would you rather have the regular ink one?”

That must have meant that I passed! I danced a little inside and I was sure the relief mixed with glee was more than evident on my face. I turned to Pete who read my mind and said, “I got the waterproof one.”

The woman first wiped the back of my hand with a slightly moist cloth and then had me step to the side of the counter where there was a small contraption for me to place my right hand onto with my thumb in place for it to verify my identity once again before it administered the stamp directly to the middle of the back of my hand.

The woman confirmed the placement of the stamp and said, “Don’t touch it or get it wet for at least ten minutes or else it could get smudged.”

I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer and threw my arms around Pete. “We’re now part of the In-Crowd!”

Pete chuckled and returned my embrace as he casually replied, “With stars upon thars.”

Chapter 10

We hurried back to Ruth and found that Jack had come back from his business calls and had claimed my lounge chair as his own.

“Hi-five!” Ruth said as she sat up.

I hi-fived Ruth as Pete and Jack shrugged and hi-fived each other as well.

“Are you ready to go there now or,” Ruth paused, seemingly expecting me to finish her sentence.

“Well, I could use a stop at the ladies room, actually,” I said, just to be safe.

“The entirety of the Certified area is covered with a shaded canopy, so I wouldn’t mind washing some of this sunscreen off—I think it’s more fun to put on than it is to have on sometimes,” Ruth exclaimed.

“I may as well use the bathroom too,” Pete said.

Ruth stood up and looked down at Jack who was all splayed out and didn’t act like he planned to move an inch. She said to her husband, “Do you have to tinkle, hon?”

Jack snorted and said, “I just came from there, pookie-buns. Swing by and pick me up on the way back.”

Ruth and I headed to the locker rooms since we were much closer to them than we were to our own rooms or any other restroom option that I knew of at least. Pete was a step ahead of us and went into the men’s side of the locker rooms, soon followed by Ruth and I into the women’s side. There was one other woman using the shower and a few others milling about in the locker zone; most of them were playing around with their cell phones, as was expected.

I had already given everyone at my work the heads-up to not expect to hear anything from me for a week and I didn’t have any other friends or family members that I felt particularly obligated to check in with on a daily basis. Ruth took the same shower spot that I recalled seeing her use the very first time I met her, and even before she turned it on, she pointed the two other nearest shower heads on each side of her towards her as well. I went into one of the open toilet stalls to do my business.

A cute skinny blonde girl passed in front and shielded her eyes from looking at me; she said shyly, “Pardon me!” as she footed past.

I finished what I had to do in the stall and wiped up with those magnificent wipes of theirs before heading over to the shower zone. The shy skinny blonde girl had taken a shower spot dead center between Ruth’s patented three-way and the other woman who looked maybe close to fifty and was more than a little on the chubby side with short brown hair. The skinny blonde girl looked to be in her early twenties and she was staring straight into the tile wall underneath the water, almost looking like she was trying to be invisible.

There were exactly three open shower heads between the girl and Ruth so I could have a three-way of my very own too. Ruth was smiling and watching me while trying to get the shy girl’s attention, but the girl just stared straight at the wall, the poor thing. I took the center of the three heads and turned it on first to make sure that it was hot before stepping into the stream.

A thought occurred to me about my new certification stamp–had it been ten minutes yet? I figured that it had to have been at least fifteen to twenty minutes since I’d gotten the stamp. I could tell that the ink was dry; in fact, it had dried almost instantly anyway, so I was sure that it was safe to get wet. I planned to be really careful with washing the back of my hand, just in case.

I was about to turn on the nozzle located between the skinny blonde girl and myself, but I glanced over to her first and found out that she was sobbing quietly as she faced the wall. My maternal instinct overwhelmed me and I immediately went to her.

“Oh sweetie, honey, what’s the matter,” I said consolingly as I lightly touched her on the shoulder.

Tears were streaming down her face, separate from the water that was falling down her back.

She didn’t flinch at my touch, but instead turned towards me and wailed, “I can’t even have any of my luggage with me in my room!”

She then threw her head into my shoulder and began balling audibly. I embraced her supportively and rubbed her naked wet back as she cried into me. I turned her head so that I could look into her tear-streaked eyes and running mascara and smiled at her, “You want to know something? When I got here yesterday, I didn’t even know this was a nudist resort!”

She laughed halfheartedly at that, thinking I was making a joke.

“Really, I felt just like you’re feeling.” I continued, “What? I packed all of these wonderful clothes for this vacation and now I can’t wear any of them?”

She finally stopped sobbing and tried to give me a weak smile instead, but didn’t say anything.

“Now here it is, less than a day later, and I’m thrilled that I don’t have to waste time trying to figure out what to wear. What a relief!”

She looked into my eyes and pleaded, “I bought a brand new beautiful dress to wear at a fancy dinner with my boyfriend and everything!”

“You don’t need a fancy dress to be beautiful—you are a gorgeous girl and I bet your boyfriend will be even happier to see you au natural!”

She smiled, yet tears began to flow freshly from her eyes once again as she asked weakly, “You think so?”

“What, that you’re gorgeous or that your boyfriend won’t care what you wear?”

She only nodded when she should have clarified herself more, but I was understandingly empathic.

“You are a beautiful girl, and unless your boyfriend is an idiot, I’m sure he’ll be even more thrilled to have a fancy dinner with you completely naked. He’s not an idiot, is he?”

She laughed tearfully and said no.

“Now look, I bet you are going to have a fantastic time here. I know the all-naked-all-the-time thing sounds scary at first, but trust me; you really do get over it. Just look at me! I went from terrified when I stepped into this locker room yesterday to now being completely comfortable about it. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you get used to it!”

“Really?” She looked into my eyes with a hopeful, yet still mournful look.

“You see this woman behind me?” I pointed my thumb back at Ruth, who’d been watching us the entire time.

“Hi!” Ruth waved and called over the sound of the shower sprays.

“I met her for the first time yesterday in this very shower, and now we’re practically the best of friends, right, Ruthie?”

Ruth must have heard me better than I’d expected her to and called back, “We’re sisters from other misters!”

“Well my name’s Rhonda, that’s Ruth, and either one of us would be happy to help you get acclimated, as I’m sure anyone else here would too. I have yet to run into someone who wasn't happy here. Yesterday, I decided to leave the unhappy, scared part of me in the locker with my luggage, and since then, I’ve had a blast!”

The girl never told me her name, but thanked me and welcomed my supportive hug before I went back to where my shower position was.

“Rhondaaaaa” Ruth called impatiently.

“I just had to help her; like you helped me yesterday, remember?”

“Well, I need you to help me now and wash my back.”

“I have to do everything now, is that it?” I teased her.

“Well, you did cover me with all of this sunscreen, so it’s only right that you help me wash it off. Come over here and let her use your three-way.”

“I never caught your name,” I yelled over to the girl who was lost in her own thoughts again.

“Oh,” she paused, taking a moment to return to awareness once more, “it’s Sarah!”

“I need to wash her back, so why don’t you take my three-way shower spot? It’s amazing!”

She nodded and turned off her nozzle and took my spot as I joined with Ruth.

Ruth rubbed my back affectionately and said, “Rhonda Robertson, you are such a good person!”

“Yeah?” I asked rhetorically, feeling relieved for helping ease Sarah’s concerns. She definitely wasn’t crying anymore and was instead basking in the triple-strength spray and seeming to enjoy it.

“Yeah, now wash my back, woman!”

“Yes, master,” I said sarcastically.

“That's mistress to you, girly!”

I couldn’t help but laugh and it was loud enough that it echoed throughout the chamber. Sarah looked over and gave me a stronger smile than she had before and continued about her shower. I soaped up my hands from the wall dispenser and proceeded to wash up and down Ruth’s back.

“Don’t forget my butt!”

“Yes, oh great and powerful mistress,” I said as over-dramatically as I could muster.

Ruth laughed now and replied, “And don’t you forget it!”

I filled my hands with more suds and continued to bathe her backside, much to Ruth’s appreciation. Out of my peripheral vision, I could see Sarah watching us curiously.

“I’ll let you borrow her when I’m done with her,” Ruth called over to Sarah.

“What?” Sarah called back, evidently not one to remain focused on anything for too long at a time.

Ruth called back even louder, “After I’m done with her, I’ll let you borrow her if you want!”

“Oh, I’m almost done. Thank you anyway though!”

The girl was very pretty and very sweet, but the poor thing just didn’t have it, well, I’ll say operating at maximum efficiency upstairs. I continued to wash Ruth’s ass, and I was even bold enough to finger her asshole a couple of times with my soapy fingers, which she really liked before I helped her rinse off.

“Alright, I’m the mistress now,” I said commandingly as I stood back up.

“Oh yeah?” replied Ruth incredulously.

“Yeah. It’s your turn to wash me now,” I struggled to come up with a good term to call her, “uh, wench!”

Ruth laughed again, “So I’m a wench now, is it?”

“I was trying to think of something even more archaic than ‘broad’ to call you.”

“Wench it is!” Ruth smirked deviously. “Yes, my mistress! Oh please, mistress, don’t beat me! I’ll do whatever you ask of me!”

“Wash my…posterior!”

Ruth doubled over with laughter, “Yes, mistress, your…posterior! That’s sooooo sexy!”

I could see Sarah watching us again, but she was completely confused by our banter and constant outbursts of laughter.

“Well, that was the first word I could think of other than backside.”

“I shall gladly wash thy back and thy buttocks, my mistress!”

“That’s more like it!”

Ruth enthusiastically washed my back and then my ass. She played with my ass even more than I’d played with hers, almost like she either wanted to one-up me or show off that she could be even naughtier than I could.

While crouching down behind me and rinsing me off, she said, “I just love your ass! I could just eat it right up!”

And with that, she placed a couple of small playful bites on my left butt cheek. I laughed and turned around and then I helped her to stand up. As she stood, she stuck her tongue out like she was going to lick me in the process of standing up, but it was only a fake-out. Something overcame me and I took her face and leaned in and kissed her square on the mouth, her tongue still lolling out slightly. She was delighted by my bold move and returned my kiss passionately; so much so that we were soon winded from a lack of breath and both of our hearts were beating rapidly.

“Wow!” Sarah said and I could tell that the other showers were turned off. “Is everyone this friendly here?”

“All the best people are,” Ruth replied to her, yet staring deeply into my eyes the entire time she said it.

Chapter 11

We wished Sarah good luck and let her know how to contact us if she needed a friendly female face. Ruth and I playfully dried each other off and then headed back to where Jack was tanning after not seeing Pete anywhere in the hallway. Both Pete and Jack were relaxing on our lounge chairs and were in the midst of a discussion as we approached.

Jack said snarkily, “You girls have fun in the shower?”

“Not as much fun as we’re gonna have, right, Rhonda?” Ruth grinned at me.

“Been waiting long?” I looked at Pete.

“Well, I was in and out,” he replied. “I didn’t know you both had planned to take such a leisurely shower.”

“There was a scared, sad girl there,” I began but Pete interrupted.

“A girl in the locker room? Are you talking about an actual little girl or was she an adult?”

“No, not a little girl. I don’t think they’d let a child anywhere near here. She was about your age and she was so distraught…” I paused but nobody interrupted me that time. “I just had to console her.”

“She was upset about her luggage or something, right?” Ruth added.

“Yeah, she was crying that she couldn’t take her luggage to her room and she had bought a really nice dress for the trip and everything.”

Both Pete and Jack chuckled.

“That’s why she was crying?” Pete shook his head in disbelief.

I nodded.

“Because she couldn’t have her luggage in her room?”


“I’m guessing she was a first-timer here.” Pete winked at me.

“Alright, who’s ready for the Certified area?” Rhonda clapped her hands, anxious to put the sad girl anecdote behind us.

Both Jack and Pete stood up rather hastily.

“Should we bring the towels?” Pete asked the veterans.

“Nah, they don’t let you bring anything back there for fear of someone trying to smuggle something in.” Ruth said.

“Like what,” I asked curiously.

“Oh, cameras, sex toys, drugs, stuff like that.”

“Sex toys,” Pete laughed, “I would have thought they’d encourage something like that!”

“Oh, you’ll see,” Ruth replied mischievously.

We headed off two by two, with Jack and Ruth leading the way again. Once we’d gotten to the gate that they’d shown us earlier, Jack used his thumbprint to trigger the tall, narrow, stark white solid entryway panel that only rudimentarily resembled a door and held it open for the rest of us.

It led into a narrow room about ten feet long manned by a beefy naked guard wearing a ball cap with the Sunshine Valley logo and the word SECURITY emblazoned on it.

He greeted us sternly with the word, “Hands!”

Both Jack and Ruth held their hands up with their palms facing towards the guard at first, so we followed suit. I thought that was odd considering that the stamps were on the backs of our hands, so it must have been more to show that we weren’t trying to carry anything into the restricted area. Once the guard was satisfied that we weren’t trying to smuggle anything in and that we all had our stamps, he then buzzed in Ruth first. I thought that she would just be able to walk straight in, but no, it was into a little sub chamber where she had to verify her identity again before the inner door would open.

I noticed a sign on the other door that read in bold letters, “ONE AT A TIME.” There was also a spot on the floor that read “Wait here” evidently so the next person in line wouldn’t get too close. They certainly were thorough there! First Ruth, then myself, then Pete, and then finally Jack all entered into the secret forbidden zone known as The Certified Area. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

One part of me expected to see something straight out of Eyes Wide Shut, and another part of me envisioned some sort of a triple-X rated Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, complete with licorice dildo trees and giant cock-shaped erupting volcanoes. Underneath the covered area, that is, the region that had a permanent roof over it that extended out from the main complex, were an array of couches and chairs similar to what you’d find in one of the guest rooms.

The rest of the area looked like it would have been out in the open sun if it weren’t for a large blue semi-permeable canopy that was erected high overhead. You could just barely see the sun through the threads of the fabric and it cast a nice mellow glow over the surroundings. Out under this canopy-covered area were strewn a number of lounge chairs which looked just like the ones that were around the regular pool. Roughly centered amidst these chairs was a spa that looked like a sister to one of the regular ones out in the pool area once again.

It had a large sign posted nearby that read, “Couples Spa—No Swingles!”

I did a quick glance to see if I could see another spa that would have been the so-called “Swingles” one, but there was a wooden partition erected that looked like it blocked off yet another section of the area. There weren’t nearly as many people there as I’d expected. There was one couple just lounging in the spa, two other couples relaxing on the lounge chairs and chatting, and the only people having sex of any kind were over on the couches—where a couple in their thirties were having some fun.

The woman had long, sandy blonde hair that ran down to the middle of her back and she was straddling her man and bouncing up and down on him while he was sitting upright on the couch. There was another couple sitting on a nearby couch and they were watching the pony-ride couple with mild interest. They looked as if they’d just finished having some fun of their own because they both appeared to be pretty tired and sweaty. The guy watching the sex act looked as if he could have fallen asleep at any moment while his female companion appeared to be slightly jealous of the woman who was doing the jockeying.

“So, uh, this is the fabled Certified area then?” Pete said, sounding somewhat disappointed.

“Think of this part as the cool-down zone,” Ruth smirked.

“But isn’t this the couples area?” I asked.

“Well, yes, technically, but all couples are allowed to frolic in the Swingles area as well. This is more for the people who want a quieter, more subdued public sexual experience.”

“Our shaving class was sexier than this place is,” Pete said both truthfully and sarcastically.

“I heard!” Ruth exclaimed.

“Well, let’s go over to the Swingles area then,” said a normally quiet Jack. He led the way that time and we all followed him.

Just on the other side of the white wooden double partition, the area opened up to a much larger and more open courtyard. There was, yet again, the same type of separation between the roofed area with couches and the lounge area where the spa and chairs were. There were also vast open sections covered with the same type of blue mats that we had used in the shaving class. Along the far edge of the zone was a covered stage. And lastly…the people!

There were people everywhere, and a whole lot of them were actually having sex! Finally! Pete and I quickly scanned the area, trying to soak it all in. What first caught my eye was the oral sex party in the spa. A few guys were seated along the circular perimeter of the spa with their feet in the water as women were sucking on them. Girls were seated along the edge as well, and some of them were being eaten out by guys and one was even being pleasured by another young woman. A few other couples were standing and watching while rooting them on.

Nearby, a whole bunch of those blue mats had been pushed next to each other and there was a four-way taking place with two guys and two girls. The guy in the rear was giving it to a girl doggy-style while that same girl was eating out another who was lying on her back as the second dude was straddling her from above with his dick in her mouth. There were a few other couples scattered about all having sex as well, but the vast majority of the people present were all content to watch, and some of them were even masturbating.

Even among all of the wonderful hedonism, I caught the sight of two employees, both of which were men, who were busy rounding up unused mats, spraying them with a bottle of disinfectant and wiping them down profusely before stacking them over underneath the roofed area. Sex, sex, everywhere! Yes indeed, I was most definitely turned on! I glanced over to Pete and saw that he was already sporting some hard wood.

“So, what do you think?” Ruth asked as she put her hand on my shoulder and squeezed it affectionately.

I smiled and nodded, still taking in the sights.

Pete crossed his arms and surveyed the scene again as he said, “Not too shabby!”

“So, Pete,” Ruth began, “how would you like to watch your sexy wife get it on with another woman?”

“Ooooh, I would like that a lot,” Pete exclaimed, “especially if you were that other woman!”

My breath was practically knocked out of me—I literally felt stunned!

“Now we’re talking!” Jack said excitedly.

Did I have a say in this?

“You want us to lay out some mats for you?” Pete asked.

Hey! I didn’t even agree to this yet! Ruth rubbed her hand along my butt and kissed me seductively on the back of my shoulder.

“What do you say, sweet stuff,” Ruth cooed as she continued to rub my backside, “couches or floor mats?”

Without a pause, I hummed and said, “Floor mats!”

Pete ran off to grab a couple of blue mats and laid them out roughly in the center of the entire area. He sure liked to be in the middle of things, didn't he? As Pete was doing that, Jack pulled up two lounge chairs, evidently for Pete and himself to sit on and watch the action. I was still stunned as this unfurled before me. Was this really going to happen? Was I supposed to have lesbian sex in front of not only my son and this woman’s husband, but roughly forty other people who were in the same vicinity as well? The mats were laid out and the lounge chairs were placed in prime viewing position.

Ruth silently took my hand and led me over to the mats. She then looked at me adoringly and said, “Now, where were we?” She took my head in her hands and without hesitation, kissed me passionately.

Chapter 12

I always wondered if Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” song alluded to much more than mere kissing. There I was, passionately kissing this sexy, attractive, and fit other woman in front of not only her husband but my own son, as well as countless other people in the vicinity that would have surely been paying at least some attention to what we were doing. I could certainly say that I had more on my mind than merely kissing this woman at that moment! Something told me that she did as well.

Ruth gleefully assaulted my mouth with her tongue, which I gladly returned. I hadn’t been tongue-kissed so enthusiastically since I’d been with Pete’s dad, and early in our relationship at that! I held her close as we stood and kissed, our heights being so similar that neither of us had to adjust much at all.

I rubbed along her back and shoulders and she moved her hands in front between us so she could fondle my boobs. While fondling my surprisingly perky titties (my nipples were already hard), Ruth proceeded to kiss down my neck and then stuck my left boob into her mouth and sucked on it hungrily. It felt nice, but I was even more turned on by how animalistic and lusty she was acting.

With one of my tits in her mouth and her left hand massaging my right one, she then lowered her right hand down to my butt, gave it a tight squeeze and used that as leverage to pull me even more forcefully into close contact with her. My tongue lolled out of my mouth with a mind of its own, but she was positioned in such a way that I couldn’t even lick the top of her head.

She had a surprisingly tight grip on me, yet I was still able to reach down and start massaging her butt too, but in doing so, my boob popped out of her mouth with a loud slurping noise that would have made me laugh if I wasn’t so turned on. Our faces were close together again, so she took that opportunity to return to kissing me as I fondled her ass, and she in turn fondled both of my boobs.

Her hand only stayed for a moment on my right breast and in one sly motion, she slid her fingers down my relatively flat tummy, past my smoothly shaved pubic mound, and found my exceptionally wet and receptive pussy. She needed to only trace her fingers over my lower pussy area to coat her fingers with my slick juices and then, like a seasoned professional, parted my upper labia with two fingers and discovered my excited clitoris with a third. Once she did, I shuddered like she had pushed my vibrate button to “on” and I couldn’t help but gasp with delight and kiss her even more forcefully.

If there is one thing that a woman knows innately that most men go their whole lives without ever seeming to learn, is just how to properly touch a clitoris, and dear Ruthie here could have taught most women a thing or two about how to do it properly! I was like putty in her hands, she was that good! I moaned and kissed her as she worked her fingers around my clit, and like the seasoned veteran of clitoral stimulation that she was, whenever there was a mere hint of any drying out, she promptly renewed the slickness from my own vaginal font of never-ending juices. I paused from kissing her to catch my breath, considering that she was working me into a gasping lather.  She then took a second to gather more of my juices on her fingers and then, rather than returning to my clit, she promptly stuck her hand into her mouth instead.

“Mmmm, you taste yummy,” she purred seductively.

She offered her wet fingers to me and I gladly took them into my mouth so I could taste the remnants of my own slick juices on them. She was right—I didn’t taste half bad!

“I bet it tastes even better right from the source,” she said lasciviously and in one swift motion, dropped to her knees on the blue mat in front of me and made me spread my stance just far enough that she could fit her head between my legs. She aggressively whipped out her tongue and began to lick my snatch like I was a living ice cream cone and my pussy was going to melt all over unless she quickly lapped up the melting drips.

Oh my god, it felt so good, I almost toppled over backwards! It was all I could do to stand and keep my balance as she hungrily pushed her mouth deeper and deeper into my more-than-receptive area. I only took a fraction of a second to glance over to where Jack and Pete were lounging. Jack was eagerly stroking himself while Pete had a look of delight on his face and his cock was standing at full attention, but unlike Jack, he had his hands resting on the arms of his lounge chair.

My own awareness quickly returned to the ravenous woman between my legs, and I knew that even as awkward as the situation was, I felt like I could have an orgasm surprisingly soon. Sure enough, Ruth grabbed my butt from under between my legs to give us more support and then she focused her tongue right on the most sensitive parts of my clit. Damn! That woman was so good at eating pussy that you’d think she was a lifelong lesbian! When it felt like she was going to lasso my clit with her cowgirl tongue, I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer and a huge throbbing orgasm overtook me as I did all I could to keep my balance and not fall over backwards.

“Oh Ruth! I’m cumminnnnnnngggggg!”

Luckily, she maintained her firm grip on my ass and that kept me stable enough since my legs had turned into trembling jelly while I squealed with delight as the orgasm swept over me. She knew just how to lick as I was cumming to heighten my orgasm to its fullest potential. That was with me standing, too! I could only imagine how much better it could have felt with me on my back and my legs spread wide. I’d always been of the notion that the wider you could get your legs spread back and open during a clitoral orgasm, the better it felt, but the one that Ruth gave me was simply fantastic all on its own.

“Damn, girl,” I said once I got my wind back, “you are a fucking pro at that!” Ruth merely smiled knowingly and continued to tease-lick around my inner thigh. “Alright you,” I continued, “it’s time for me to have your pussy in my mouth now, so lie down and spread ‘em!”

“Yes, ma’am!”

Ruth giggled and quickly sat down in place on the blue mat beneath us and then spread herself out openly and seductively. I crouched over her and began fondling her breasts before making my way down to her upper thighs. I intentionally skipped her inner thighs, despite her attempt at gaining my attention to her pussy by spreading her legs even further apart.

She gave me a look like, “You pussy tease, you!” which only made me grin even wider as I rubbed up and down her side and the sides of her legs. I made it look like I was finally going for her pussy, but instead I swung my leg over her and straddled her belly as I went back to rubbing her boobs again.

“Ooooh, you sure know how to work a girl up!” I just smiled. Ruth, lying sideways, or perpendicular rather to our menfolk, turned her head towards Pete’s direction and called out to him, “Does she tease you like this when you’re together?”

“Every chance she gets,” was Pete’s boastful reply.

I could hear chuckles around us reminding me that we had amassed a considerable following of voyeurs. Pete refrained from touching himself, but I could see the drips of juice slowly making their way down the sides of his fully erect and pulsating cock. Jack, on the other hand, was making full use of his namesake action and masturbating quite exuberantly. Ruth did say that he really liked to watch!

It looked like Ruth was going to make another comment to Pete, but I quickly made that difficult for her by bending over and sticking my tongue into her mouth. I arched over awkwardly and slid my torso down her body, kissing her the entire time until I had deftly moved my body down and straddled only one of her legs, leaving the other one splayed open far to the side. I broke the kiss long enough for us to catch our breaths before I inserted a few fingers from my left hand into her mouth, which she sucked on greedily while staring into my eyes the entire time.

I sensually walked the fingers out of her mouth, down the front of her chest, between her ample boobs that gravity had conveniently made fall to the sides, then teasingly around her mostly flat navel. From there, I slowly walked my finger down to her pubic mound and gingerly around the upper folds of her pussy. Her clit was still well protected by her labia despite her having one leg bent back so far. Had my legs been open and back as far as hers, my clit would have certainly been exposed, so she must have had bigger pussy lips than I did.

By then, her saliva had long since dried off of my slowly walking fingers, so I decided to walk them down even further along her pussy to see if there was a possible source of moisture to be found. I didn’t have to search far, for Ruth was simply dripping wet with juices of arousal. If I was what you would consider wet, then Ruth was a veritable water park! I felt a little twinge of pride for being able to turn this other woman on so well that she was practically gushing before I’d ever laid a finger or tongue on her most sensitive of areas.

With a mere casual grazing of my fingers along her lower lips and between her vaginal opening, my whole hand was quickly coated with her natural juices. The slightest brushing of my fingers along her lower lips elicited a moan of longing desire and she looked at me pleadingly, like a hungry puppy hoping for a tasty morsel to be tossed her way. I couldn’t tease her any longer and not feel extremely guilty about it, so I took my well-moistened fingers and traced them upwards through the middle of her pussy lips to her eagerly waiting clit like Moses guiding his people to the holy land.

I could almost imagine Ruth thinking “Hallelujah!” as I continued to use my fingers to closely circumnavigate her clitoris in a way that I knew I liked doing to myself, so the odds were good that she would as well! I don’t think that I had ever been as wet as this woman was right then, so I must have been doing something right. I didn’t have the heart to torment her any longer, so my tongue joined in on the action as well, much to the gasping delight of my luscious lady friend.

I languorously licked her lovely labia in between frantic bouts of twiddling my tongue betwixt her twat to tantalize her tasty clitoris. I voraciously revolved around her vulva and valorously ventured my fingers into her vagina with valued variety. All alliteration aside, Ruth was enjoying every second of my oral and digital exploration of her lady parts. I could tell that she was getting especially worked up every time I orally circumnavigated her clit because she continued to thrust her hips upwards to meet my licks.

With one hand on her pubic mound and the other one feverishly fingering her wetter-than-wet pussy, I pushed my mouth even more forcefully into her clit as I licked with even greater enthusiasm, and within seconds, she began to writhe beneath me and breathe in stuttered gasps that told me she was cumming. She couldn’t even talk; she could only moan as she shuddered beneath my never-ending tongue barrage. I began to slow down since I could tell that she was slowly coming down from one hell of an orgasm which I was more than proud of myself for giving to her. She rubbed my head as she adjusted herself and pulled me up on top of her. With me straddling her again, she pulled my face close to hers and kissed me passionately and with what I could only describe as extreme thankfulness.

She took a break from kissing me to catch her breath again before looking into my eyes and she said, “That was fucking amazing!”

“You like?” I said rhetorically as I smiled back.

“Oh god yes! Are you sure you’re not a lesbian? That was some amazing pussy eating you just did, girl!”

“Look who’s talking! You made me cum while I was standing straight up! I don’t know if that’s ever happened to me before!”

Ruth didn’t respond but instead stopped me from talking by kissing me again. She glanced over to our guys to see Jack touching himself and Pete was still sporting his oozy volcano of a hard cock.

“You know I told you Jack really likes to watch.”

“I can see that! I think the others liked what they saw too!”

There were a few people that had gathered around to watch us while some others were still nonchalantly watching us from afar to see what else we were going to do, if anything.

“So…Rhonda,” Ruth began slowly.

“Hmm?” I said, still trying to ascertain just how many people were actually watching us.

“Do you think…or would you mind…”

Ruth obviously wanted to ask me something but she wasn’t quite sure how to phrase her question.

“Mind what?”

“Do…do you think Pete could join us now?”

“Join us?” I asked incredulously and Ruth nodded back enthusiastically.

“Just Pete?” Ruth still nodded.

“But…but what about Jack?” I asked as I looked over to Jack who was looking even more excited than he was earlier.

“It would make his day to watch you, me, and Pete in a threesome…”

“It would make my week!” Jack loudly interrupted and a few bystanders snickered.

“Well, when you said Jack likes to watch, you weren’t kidding!”

“So I can join the party?” Pete asked as he jumped to his feet, his cock as big and hard as I’ve ever seen it.

“Only if your wife is willing to share you,” Ruth said, half-mesmerized as she stared at my son’s monumental erection.

I guess what we had been doing had all been leading up to this inevitability. As a little pang of possessiveness ran through me, I almost thought about backing out of the deal, but I knew I couldn’t live with myself if I did that to Pete, Ruth, Jack, and now the countless other interested onlookers eagerly anticipating another live sex show.

“If anyone gets to enjoy that cock, it should be me,” I thought to myself, but I just couldn’t be that selfish.

“So, what’s it gonna be Rhonda…are you willing to share your Meaty Petey with me?”

A few onlookers chuckled and others out of earshot had to ask each other what Ruth had said. I had been sitting on my knees on the blue mats the whole time while Ruth had still been in a slightly reclined position, but she got up on her knees and looked at me imploringly with puppy dog eyes.

I sighed, smirked, and looked up to Pete who was standing nearby, just outside of the mat range and said, “So…Meaty Petey…do you think you have what it takes to satisfy two horny women at the same time?”

Pete nodded but didn’t answer right away and the crowd started up a chant of “Meaty! Petey! Meaty! Petey!” much to my chagrin and Ruth’s delight.

Pete raised his arms triumphantly to behold the glory of the crowd, or well, at least the twelve or so people that had joined in on the “Meaty Petey” chant and yelled, “Let’s do this thing!”

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause as Pete stepped forward onto the mat. Still on our knees, I took his right hand while Ruth took his left. Ruth moved in closer and closer to his cock and not to be outdone, I mirrored her movements on the other side. Since Ruth and I were very similar in height, Pete’s cock bisected us just below our shoulder level.

“Rhonda, sweetie, what do you say we get this started with a kiss?” Ruth looked at me mischievously as she squatted down to the point where the side of Pete’s cock was right at her mouth level. I didn’t get what she meant right away, for I thought that she was just planning on kissing the side of Pete’s cock. I guess I must have been taking a little too long for her liking so she pulled me in closer and said, “Kiss me!”

Our mouths would have met, except that a certain large and fully erect part of my son’s anatomy intercepted us. Ruth continued to pull me towards her as our open mouths slid down opposing sides of Pete’s large cock until we met at the tip; Ruth’s probing tongue flicked past the end of Pete’s circumcised cock to meet with mine in my mouth along with a great deal of Pete’s juices. We passionately exchanged those juices back and forth as my tongue danced into Ruth’s mouth while hers danced into mine.

Ruth broke our lip lock long enough to gasp, “Would you like the high road or the low road?”

“Hmm?” I mumbled, not catching what she said at first.

“Cock or balls?”

Without even thinking, I blurted out, “Cock!”

Ruth just smiled and began to lick back to the base of Pete’s cock and then downwards along his freshly shaven testicles, leaving his grand member alone for me to enjoy. I looked up to Pete slyly as he looked down at me adoringly and our eyes locked as I kissed the tip of his beautiful erection. Our eyes continued to stay locked on each other as I took his cock into my mouth and I began to suck lovingly on it.

Oh, my handsome young son, standing before his mother with his cock in his mother’s mouth while her new friend gently sucked and caressed his balls with her tongue and as the friend’s husband watched, enthralled along with countless other delighted onlookers…

Why, merely a few days before, had you even hinted at me that this was something I would be doing on my vacation, I’d have called the insane asylum to come and pick you up! What a difference a few days made!  Just the thought that this was my son—my own flesh and blood—and no one else there had any idea that we were anything other than a horny, sexy cougar with her boy toy of a young trophy husband, got my pussy so wet, you wouldn’t believe it!

Even as I sucked on my son’s wonderful cock while exchanging a constant look of love and devotion between us, I just knew that very soon, I would be welcoming his cock to my pussy and having it surely bring me to orgasm time and time again. I only hoped that my son had the stamina for it because I also knew in the back of my mind that I’d be sharing that cock that I helped make with the sexiest girlfriend I’d ever had, despite us both being around forty ourselves.

“Oh, wow, if you ladies keep this up, I’m going to cum very soon!”

Pete saying that took me out of my pseudo-fantasy world of him fucking both Ruth and I for hours before he ever came. Ruth looked worried and eased up on licking his balls.

“So soon?”

“Ladies, please,” Pete cooed reassuringly, “I’m a young stud. I can come four to five times a day without even breaking a sweat.”

The crowd laughed and even a few applauded at that.

“Ruth,” Jack grunted as if he had winded himself in his own self-gratification process, “Pussy!”

“Huh?” Pete said as he strained his neck to see what was up with Jack.

“That’s Jack’s way of saying that he wants you to cum in my pussy,” Ruth said devotionally.

Whoa, wait a minute there. Jack wanted my son to cum inside his wife’s pussy?

“Uh…really?” I said, not quite sure what to say otherwise.

“Oh god, yes, please,” Jack pleaded, looking at me for permission for my man to cum inside of his woman, never once stopping from stroking himself, “please cum inside my wife!”

“Oh, please? It’ll make Jack so happy,” begged Ruth.

“Well, shit, are you up for cumming inside this woman’s pussy, soldier?” I asked Pete who I could already tell was delighted by the idea.

“Yes, ma’am!”

Without another second’s delay, Ruth quickly spun herself around and landed on all fours with her butt stuck up in the air. I guess she wanted it doggy style, too!

“Uh, okay,” I said.

Ruth looked back at me, her head askew and level with the mat as her butt remained stuck up in the air.

“I can’t wait to feel your cock inside me, Rhonda,” Ruth purred as she looked at me while Pete somewhat clumsily came down on his knees behind her, less sure of himself than he had been of late.

“It’s Pete’s cock,” I corrected her sardonically; “I have a pussy, remember? You were licking it just a few minutes ago.”

“Oh, just because it’s on Pete doesn’t mean that it’s not your property.”

As odd as it sounded, that actually made me feel a little more comfortable about it happening. In any case, Ruth was being very appreciative in regards to my sharing nature.

“Oh, that’s my butt,” Ruth smirked as Pete finally showed a modicum of inexperience as he tried to find her vaginal entrance with his cock.

“Sorry,” Pete chuckled nervously.

“Rhonda, my love,” Ruth purred, her face still plastered to the mat as she looked back at me, “would you be so kind as to help guide your cock into me?”

I briefly closed my eyes to avoid noticeably rolling them as I scooted closer to the two of them and took Pete’s cock in my hand. I aimed the tip all the way down to around where her clit was, then slowly moved his cock up and down until I could tell that it was at the proper angle to enter her vagina. Ruth was extremely wet, as was I.

“Here,” I said as I reached my hand down between my legs and collected a goodly sized dollop of my pussy juices, distributing it along the topside of Pete’s cock and then I held his cock firmly as I aimed it into the depths of Ruth’s pussy, pushing Pete’s butt forward in the process using my other hand. After a couple of small exploratory thrusts, we had it! Within seconds, Pete sank his cock all the way in as far as it would go into Ruth’s pussy and all she could do was let out a slow moan of relief as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.


Pete made a few slow thrusts at first, but as Ruth’s pussy widened and became more welcoming to my son’s rather impressive Johnson, he sped up and began going with deeper and firmer thrusts. I watched with amazement and more than a little jealousy. The pussy that my son was pumping his cock into should have been mine!

“My god, Rhonda,” Ruth moaned, unable to keep her eyes open, “you…you are the best friend I’ve ever had!”

Pete just laughed as he began finding his rhythm and truly began to fuck her surprisingly well. I would have looked around to see if anyone was filming it somehow, but I couldn’t take my eyes away from the scene.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum!” Pete announced quite loudly.

“Oh god, yes, cum in my pussy! Fill my pussy up with your cum!” screamed Ruth.

That was evidently all that Pete needed as he called out, “I’m coming!”

Ruth shuddered beneath him as she began gasping and twitching even more than normal and I was certain that she was cumming right along with him.

“Me too, honey! Oohhhhh!” Jack called out as his sounds became even more squishy and sloppy as evidently he too joined in on the orgasm parade.

I suddenly felt like I should have been fingering my clit the whole time and possibly made it into an orgasmic quartet. Pete tried to continue to thrust rhythmically, but his thrusts became stuttered and jerky due to his own orgasmic rapture.  As reality slowly returned to Ruth, she opened her eyes again and looked at me adoringly. It was Pete that did all the work, yet Ruth was giving me all the credit. I did feel a little guilty for being so jealous earlier.

I mean, I would have surely gotten my own opportunity to enjoy that cock at some point. Pete still lived with me after all, and there would have been no way we’d ever have the same sort of platonic mother-son relationship that we had before we’d arrived there. Yeah, I hope you enjoyed your time with that cock of mine, Ruthie dear. While you may have enjoyed that little ride, I was going to be the one who would be driving that mustang home, baby!

Chapter 13

I’d like to tell you that once Pete pulled out of Ruth he then grabbed me and had his way with me right afterwards, but that’s not what happened. Ruth got up, a little wobbly at first, but went right over to sit on Jack’s lap and they held each other lovingly. They both looked so happy and content that it seemed quite out of place considering the scene that we had just participated in—practically performed in, even.

Pete was still pretty winded. Fucking Ruth doggy-style fast and hard for two minutes tired him out more than I would have expected. Since there weren’t any other open lounge chairs close by, Pete and I shared the one he’d been lying on. Rather than sit on his lap like Ruth did with Jack, Pete sat as far back in the chair as he could, spread his legs apart, and I sat, leaning my back against him.

Once I’d come to rest against him, he wrapped his arms around me tenderly and kissed the top of my head. A few people who were standing around had waited to see if we were going to do anything else, and when they saw how relaxed we were, they gave up and wandered off. It appeared that we had disappointed more than a few of them with our relatively short display of public fucking.

I was still more than a little turned on, and I would have liked to have had some of Meaty Petey all to myself, but I was sure that it would all come in due time, so I was less jealous than I could have been. Ruth and Jack were just so happy and lovey-dovey, that you’d have thought they’d fucked each other instead of what actually transpired. They were certainly an odd couple, I’ll grant you that.

I thought about saying something either to them or to Pete, but I couldn’t think of anything that wouldn’t make me sound like a semi-jilted girlfriend, so I wisely just kept my mouth shut. They were happy and Pete was relaxed, so I convinced myself that I was fine with that and just relaxed along with them and closed my eyes. After maybe a minute or two, Pete started rubbing my sides and my arms with his hands until he made his way to my boobs and he started fondling them.

“You know,” he said, “I’ve always loved your boobs.”

“Really?” I said, liking where this was going.

“Yeah, for as long as I can remember,” he said softly, not necessarily wanting anyone else to hear.

“My boobs have always loved you too, sweetie,” I wanted to be more specific, but I didn’t know if anyone else was listening in on us.

I had breast-fed him until he was a year old and then I probably would have for even longer, but I had to go back to work. This was before long-term breastfeeding was all the rage, too. I knew that it was good for him and it made me feel extra motherly doing it, for obvious reasons. I remembered soon after starting back up at work at the time, that I had longed to breastfeed him so much while I was working that it actually made my boobs ache. Once my milk supply had dried up, within a month or so of returning back to work, it was less of an issue and I thought about it only occasionally after that point.

Now there we were: he was eighteen years old and he could fully appreciate my titties once again in a completely different way! I also remembered when he was a little boy and he would get these boners and not know what they were. I would be greatly amused at his quandary and I would imagine him using that little thing one day to please his girlfriend and eventually a wife, possibly using it to father grandchildren for me, even.

By the time he was ten was around the last time I could recall seeing his penis before he wanted more and more privacy to himself. I would have loved to have caught him masturbating and been the supportive mom, but he was just too discreet about it. How was I to know that years later I would get more than my share of his manliness than I could have ever expected?

Well, not yet, at least. Ruth got to enjoy that particular pleasure before me, and I was sure that he had sex with one of his girlfriends before, for despite him having issues finding the right hole to stick his dick in, he sure fucked Ruth like a seasoned cocksmith! Just thinking about that recent scene and with Pete fondling my more-then-willing boobies, I was starting to get reawakened, yet again, downstairs. Oh, I wanted Pete like nobody’s business! I was done being the center of attention, or sideshow rather, so I twisted my head around so I could look at my Pete.

“Mmmm, sweetie…I have an idea…”

“Oh yeah?” He still continued to fondle my boobs and looked at me affectionately.

“What do you say we go back to our room and shower together? I’d kind of like to get the smell of these blue mats off of me.”

“That sounds like an excellent plan!” He beamed appreciatively. He must have been just as done with this so-called Swingles-Certified Zone as I was! Rather than waste another second, I sat upright and called over to the two nestled love birds nearby.

 “Pete and I are going back to our room to relax, just the two of us. We’ll catch you two later, okay?”

I wanted them to be certain that I had no intention of inviting them back to our room with us. I wanted some serious alone time with my son! Ruth was surprisingly quiet, as she just continued to smile with her eyes closed as she lazed in her husband’s arms.

Jack, still smiling himself, said, “Absolutely! You two take a much deserved rest! I haven’t seen my wife this happy in…I don’t even know how long! Thanks again, by the way!”

If I didn’t know better, I would have guessed that they had hoped their entire trip that they’d find some handsome young stud to fuck Ruth and somehow make them both happy in the process. Some people and their kinks, I tell you. Keep in mind this was coming from a woman who couldn’t wait to fuck her eighteen-year-old son, so who was I to judge?

So did we casually walk out of there, pausing to look at people and wave at fans? Hell no! We high-tailed ourselves the fuck out of there! In the blink of an eye, we were back in our room and in the shower together, not even waiting the 20 seconds for the water to heat up first as we began passionately kissing each other under the spray of the shower not like a mother and her son, but more like a horny newlywed couple on their honeymoon!

That shower was but a blur to me, but I know that we washed each other thoroughly and got every trace of sticky blue mat sweat and leftover Ruth juice off the both of us. I seriously thought about having him just take me in the shower, but I really wanted my first full experience with him to be in a bed, and those Sunshine Valley beds were positively made for loving! After a hasty drying-off, I grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the bed before he’d been able to half-dry his hair.

“So the young stud thinks that he can come four or five times in a day, is that it?” I said as sexily and lasciviously as I could muster. I pushed him back into bed so that as he fell upon it, his cock swayed back and forth like a tasty pendulum. He was about to say something, but I covered his mouth with my hand as I climbed on top of him. “Well, this little filly thinks that she can help you break that record! What do you say to that?”

I uncovered his mouth long enough for him to get a breath and respond, “Yes, MA’AM!”

I bent down and stuck my tongue aggressively into his mouth as we frenched like no mother and son ever dreamed that they could do with each other. I pulled up with a gasp and reached back to grab onto his rock-hard cock.

“You may have had some fun with that other filly earlier, but who does this cock really belong to now?”

“It…it belongs to you, ma’am!”

“Damn straight it does!”

I pulled off him and rotated around 180° and sat back down on his chest before bending over and sticking that beautiful cock of his right into my mouth. His hard, wonderful cock that was mine, all mine, and I had no plans of sharing it with anybody else any time soon! Oh the joy of having something big, hard, and glorious in your mouth! My son’s cock was all of these things and then some.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to suck on him slowly and savor him in my mouth, or do it fast and aggressively, getting us both worked up into overdrive. There was a certain type of majesty in both options. With the slow and sensual route, I could relish him in my mouth. I could slowly suck and lick on his cock while I fondled his balls and truly show him my love with my mouth. I could easily catch my breath and place sweet kisses on his tip and lick just under it where his sensitive frenulum was located. That way would have certainly been easier on my jaw.

On the other hand, a fast, aggressive sucking would definitely get him worked up into a lather just that much faster, and knowing that he recently came, there would have been less of a worry of him blowing his top too soon. One thing about the fast and enthusiastic route is that it definitely would get me burning hotter and wetter in the process, so if he did cum before I wanted him to, my pussy would have been extra upset at me!

In the heat of passion, I couldn’t make up my mind, so I alternated between my tried-and-true methods of sucking cock and he seemed to be more than happy with my performance. One of the reasons as to why I had a tough time concentrating was because the way I was straddling his chest while arched over as I sucked on him gave him rather good access to my ass!

At first, he maneuvered his hands around so that he could firmly grasp my buttcheeks and he began to massage them affectionately. I thought that might have been all that he could do by the way I was placed until I felt his warm wet tongue begin to explore its way around my asshole. I had never really had a good opportunity to experience just how good it felt to have your ass licked. Pete’s father never did it to me, nor did any of my lovers since college. But with my son, that was a delightful pleasure that I could appreciate that was all new to me.

He knew what he was doing and even though I thought for sure that I was doing a four-star job of sucking on him, he was able to flick that wonderful tongue of his and actually start penetrating my asshole with it! It wasn’t possible for me to have an orgasm like that, but boy, did it feel fantastic! There was just a certain extra heightened level of intimacy that such an act carried, that I couldn’t help but moan with appreciation as I did my best to go down as far on his rather large cock as I could without choking on it.

“Just give me some time, Pete,” I thought.

I was sure that I could overpower my gag reflex and give him a full deep-throating if only given enough practice. I’d sucked enough cocks in my day, but my son had to have been the biggest one that I could remember! The irony of him doing such a wonderful job of licking my ass made it so that I couldn’t fully concentrate on doing my best work on him in return.

“Here, mom,” Pete said as he finished with one big lick as far as he could reach, “scoot back a little so I can reach your pussy!”

I obediently obeyed, without ever completely pulling my mouth off of him. Such was the glory of a nice big cock, was that you could move around and adjust and still be able to reach it easily while doing so! I slid backwards and just thrust my pussy right into his welcoming mouth; I realized that it was more comfortable on my back in this new position. I couldn’t lick all the way down to his balls with our new placement, but that way he had full access to my pussy and clit. Oh, and he didn’t waste any time either!

He immediately started licking and sucking on my clit and I began to twitch with pleasure on top of him as my breathing became more labored as I started to breathe faster. Because of that, I made more use of my hands as I stroked his shaft, caressed his balls, and stayed mostly to his smooth, circumcised glans which would have been slick with his pre-cum if only I hadn’t been slurping up every drop that made its way out.

I wasn't able to focus for too long because with him eagerly boxing my clit with his heavyweight champion tongue, along with my extended level of arousal, I was almost floored by a sudden tsunami of orgasmic delight so large that it practically turned me into a shivering pile of goo on top of my son as I collapsed on top of him and practically screamed with delight, “Oh fuck, here it comes, don’t stop!” Like the good boy my son was, he continued to lick my clit as I exploded above him like the Fourth of July!

I couldn’t be sure exactly what I said as my sensible brain left me stranded in the blinding force of an unbelievably massive orgasm, but I think it was something along the lines of, “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, that is soooooo fucking good!”

I shuddered and convulsed and practically smothered him with my pussy as my overwhelming orgasm devastated half of the Eastern Seaboard. Certainly struggling for air, my son didn’t let up and continued to lick like his life depended on it as waves of my otherworldly orgasm continued to pass through me. Almost as an afterthought, I tried stroking his cock for that was all I could do until I had completely recovered from the epic experience.

As the ability to speak coherently again returned to me I said, “Oh my god, Pete! That was fucking amazing!”

Pete gasped for breath once I was no longer smothering him with my wild and uncontrollable pussy. “I could tell!” he exclaimed, obviously proud of himself.

Once I could move again on my own accord, I rolled off him, yet still had his rock hard cock in one hand, and continued to stroke him. I panted, lying on my back, yet still having the wherewithal to continue my sensual stroking of his wonderful cock.

“Oh, baby, I am yours—my mouth, my ass, my pussy, my everything—all belong to you, my love.”

I looked over to him and we exchanged a glance of love and devotion so powerful that I’ll remember it for the rest of my natural life. His tongue must have been tired after that herculean effort that he just performed with it, so I understood when he didn’t respond right away.

I couldn’t wait any more and I said, “All I want now is to feel you inside me, baby. I will do anything you want as long as I can have your cock in me. Will you make love to me, my baby?”

He finally cleared his throat and said to me with his eyes sparkling, “I’d love to, mom!”

Pete rolled towards me to kiss me, yet my hand never left his wonderful cock. My heart began to flutter like a butterfly merely at the thought of my son’s glorious member, certainly seconds away from being inside of me.

“How do you want me?” He asked, somewhat submissively.

Damn it all, I was so wishing that he would just take charge and dominate me, and stick that glorious cock into me however he saw fit to do so!

“Inside me,” was all I could respond as I kissed him passionately again.

As I kissed him, I pulled him towards and over me so that he would continue to kiss me as I lay on my back on the bed. He finally took the hint and climbed over me as I moved into a better position on the bed. I had my legs spread far to the sides and I was as open and welcoming as a woman could possibly be, and he didn’t disappoint me as he first straddled me in position and then began to rub his hard cock all around my soaking wet pussy. He did that for longer than I expected and I began to get a little impatient.

“Oh, baby, I am so wet for you,” I said as I looked into his eyes hungrily.

Once our eyes made contact, we stared into each other’s depths as he finally found the opening I so wanted him to and he easily slid right in, despite his large size. I was so amazingly wet and he’d gotten his cock nice and slick with my juices, that he just kept sliding in, and when I thought for sure that he was all the way in, it slid in a few inches deeper. I immediately thought back to when Ruth’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and I wondered if I was expressing myself similarly.

It was official, my pussy finally had the best thing it ever had inside of it right at that moment—my son’s big, hard, magnificent, gargantuan, superlative, otherworldly, I just couldn’t think of the right way to describe it even, cock! Not only that, he started to pull it out and then put it all the way back in again, and then again, and oh my god, if that was all I could ever do for the rest of my life, I would die a happy woman! Not only that, he was able to hold himself up as he slowly and solidly thrust his fantastic device repeatedly into me while looking into my eyes. I couldn’t blink for fear that I would wake up from that most marvelous dream. It felt so good, so amazingly good, that I couldn’t be certain that I was experiencing reality and I certainly didn’t want to wake up from the best dream that I’d ever had.

So overcome with emotion I was, that I could feel my eyes start to tear up from the glory of it all. All I could say was, “Oh my god, sooooo good! Sooooooo gooooooooood!”

Pete just smiled a big shit-eating grin as he continued to fuck—I mean make love to me. There needed to be a better term than ‘make love’ and while ‘fuck’ was great and all, it definitely wasn’t the right word either. This was an experience to beat all experiences. Love, mixed with lust, mixed with motherly devotion, mixed with a big old shitload of “Oh my fucking god, this is amazing!” Somebody please give that a name because that’s what was happening.

I couldn’t keep my hands to myself and without any real control, I grabbed him and pulled him close as he continued to fuck me lovingly. So young, and already so talented with his cock? How was that even possible? He must have thought that I wanted to kiss him because that’s precisely what he did, yet he still continued to thrust into me, slowly and deeply. He could kiss and fuck at the same time? Not even his father did that; I shuddered with delight and realized that I was just about to come as the explosion washed over me without any warning.

“Oh baby, I’m coming!” I said, gasping as our mouths separated just long enough for me to tell him. He never changed his pace for the entirety of my orgasm; I just convulsed and raised my hips off the bed to meet his every thrust as one mind-bogglingly strong wave of orgasm went through me, one after the other.

Not only did I cum long and hard, once it felt like my first orgasm was about to end, it was like a reset button was toggled and the waves of orgasmic delight washed over me again and again. I couldn’t talk. Speech was no longer a skill that I possessed. All I could do was moan and gasp and alternate between holding my head up to look at Pete and throw it back against the bed with my eyes closed. Also, my hands and arms operated under their own power. My brain had stopped controlling them some time ago. They alternated between grasping the covers of the bed to rubbing along Pete’s back, to occasionally making their way down to grab Pete’s firm ass so I could feel the muscles in his butt gyrate as he thrust those awe-inspiring orgasms into me. For both a lifetime and a fleeting instant, Pete brought me one orgasm after another, served up to me on a silver platter with first-class style, all courtesy of his magnificent cock.

“Oh, mom, I’m…I’m gonna cum!”

“Oh, cum for me, baby! Cum inside me!”

I should have been worried about the risk of getting pregnant, but in the lust of the moment, all I wanted was to feel him come inside me. With just a few more thrusts, at a faster and more varied pace, he cried out, “I’m coming!!!”

“Me too,” I gasped as yet another orgasm welled up and exploded inside me, or rather two orgasms simultaneously, as I cherished the thought of my son’s cock spewing his seed deep inside my dangerously fertile womb. I held him close as he half-thrusted, half-vibrated against me as we both squeezed every last ounce of orgasm out of each other; my pussy milked every last drop of cum out of his cock.

Once Pete could catch his breath, he said, “Oh, mom, that was absolutely amazing!”

My eyes looked adoringly into his and I could feel them start to well up with tears again as I said honestly, “And Peter, my love, that was the best sex that I’ve ever had!”


The rest of the week absolutely flew by. It turned out that Pete and I were more interested in spending our time with each other, so we rarely left the hotel room and spent most of that time fucking like rabbits. Every day I had more orgasms than the previous day as Pete got more and more accustomed to how I liked things, and my boy sure aimed to please his mommy!

Oh, and his energy and recovery time? No wonder why horny old cougars like me liked to take strapping young boy toys and put them to work! That first cum of the day was always so quick, but he was raring to go again just a few minutes later, so it was all good. He liked it when I started everything off with a blowjob or a good old 69-ing anyway.

Jack and Ruth had left without saying good-bye the day after we experienced that performative three-way with them. I guess they got what they wanted. Oh well, fuck them! What we all did together only brought me that much closer to my Pete.

One night we had dinner with Sarah, the sad girl from the showers, and her boyfriend and he turned out to be much closer to my age. Pete and I joked privately with each other that they might have been father and daughter, but neither of us could discern any familial similarities between them. One night while we were there, Pete and I played a sex game where we switched roles and I acted like a little girl and he was my sexy daddy.

It was fun, but we both agreed that it was plenty kinky enough that we were already mother and son, so it wasn’t a fantasy that we revisited regularly. In any case, once Pete and I started treating the vacation like it was our sexual honeymoon, the days and nights simply flew by like someone was watching a movie on fast-forward. It was simply the best vacation I had ever had; it beat out the actual honeymoon I’d had with Pete’s dad by a factor of at least 100.

There was a scandal on the second-to-last day we were there involving one of the resort employees helping a guy smuggle around some recording equipment because the guy got caught with a camera in the Certified area of all places. I remembered back to the guy who had mentioned something of the sort to me during our shaving class and wondered if that must have been him. In any case, pretty much the entirety of our vacation there was spent in our room having one fantastic fuck session after another. I could write more details about those sessions, but I’d feel too much like I was only repeating myself.

Looking back to what I wrote about sex with Pete sure epitomized what we had and felt for each other, and I don’t think I could improve on it other than saying, “And then we did it doggy-style, and then in the shower, and then I rode on top of him like a cowgirl,” rinse and repeat. It was all beautiful and wonderful, and an experience that I’ll remember for the rest of my life, even once Pete and I will surely and eventually go our separate ways and he goes off and makes a family of his own someday. Until that day, I’m going to wring every drop of cum out of that boy that a sexy old cougar like myself could possibly do! Wish me luck!

Love, kisses, and lots and lots of orgasms,

Rhonda Robertson

PS: Oh, and if you ever have an opportunity to spend a week at The Sunshine Valley Resort in beautiful northern California, then by all means, you better fucking do it, no matter who’s willing to go there with you! You may just find out things about yourself that you never knew about before! ;)

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